Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday - Funschooling...

Jodi introduced me to the term "fun schooling" vs. unschooling to explain how we school. (If you want a great glimpse into funschooling read Jodi's blog. I get lots of ideas from watching her school. LOL) I've been working all week to get the books that TOG recommends into our home. Somehow, I felt we were behind because we didn't have the right books. BUT education is taking place....everywhere.

This is a glimpse of what funschooling looks like in our home.

Stacia continues to be incredibly jealous of the older children's school time...
Math U See blocks continue to be a favorite!
I sort of "plant" books.....and they find them and ask if they can read them. I tell them in a sort of reluctant tone, "O kayyyy.....but save some for school". ::snort:: Today our younger 3 students (4th, 3rd, and K) began reading A Place in the Sun, finished Bill and Pete, they thumbed through several books on Ancient Egypt, made pyramids from leggos, and we made Egyptian Paddle Dolls. The only activity that required me was making the dolls. Normally, I WOULD read with them - but today I was still trying to find used books. ::snort::

Painting always makes it a special day

Stacia tastes the paint (she won't do THAT again) then

Stacia wears the paint

Arielle's paddle doll (the boys decided THEIR MAN dolls didn't need hair! Middle aged, I guess! ::snort::)

Stacia insists on trying her hand at beading too

Group Paddle Doll photo

They began learning the vocabulary for studying Egypt, they learned a bit about the Nile, about cobras, Egyptian toys, pyramids and the afterlife according to the ancient Egyptians,....and we're off. We reviewed last year earlier in the week by tying and hanging our history quilt. They've been doing math and spelling on their own. They are picking up books to read. Zander really needs hands on projects, so we'll be doing lots of those again this year. They'll outgrow them eventually.

The older boys are also funschooling - but their idea of fun has changed over the years. Jamin wants to graduate early. He loves writing and so he is doing a LOT of writing and filmmaking, graphic design, Movies as Lit .... He also spent a good amount of time today offering his services to do free book reviews at various magazines and newspapers. No takers yet. He may begin a blog to publish his reviews and such - it's part of a class we are creating. Jared wants to attend the Air Force Academy. His fun is lots of science and math and the Civil Air Patrol leadership/ aeronautical science courses. College has got to be the ultimate funschooling - I don't know why anyone would go if they didn't WANT to be there for some very important reason. ::snort::

Hmmm...though I say we have five students this year, it appears that Stacia is determined to be counted in the mix.

After school we ran to the airport and spent some time with our friends the H family. Steve found out Tuesday that he would be deploying today. Debbie, is the one who took me out monthly while Mike was deployed - you may remember her earlier appearances in the blog. Shoot - Michael was missing last Christmas and Steve will be missing this year. We're sad for them, but oh so very proud of all our troops!!!!!

We had a bit of time between the airport and having to run Jared to Civil Air Patrol. Michael and Nolan worked on rockets.

We had dinner in the Fellowship Hall at the chapel. Michael and Jared are still on base. It will be another late night.

Zander insisted on helping with the windows (Oh yeah - I cut his hair!)
We're about to end the night with another chapter of *Boyhood and Beyond* and a couple more chapters from, "Peter Pan in Scarlett".

Adult Children Update

No, I don't plan to update daily. I realize that millions of youth are in college, ministry programs etc, and our situation isn't totally unique. I realize that the 70% who found my blog via SHS or email links may not be interested in updates, but the 20% who read the blog and are personal friends and family will be......So here's an update....

~The girls report that they met a delightful blog stalker at church on Sunday. ::snort:: Way to go, Candy! It brought home for BreAnne how easy it would be for someone they don't know to find them via info on the web (MC links, Church links, My Space etc).

~Krista has been given a 1980 Chevy Luv truck. Nicholas has helped her through the maze to get it registered and titled.

~The girls are staff this year and are busily preparing for 2nd and 1st year students to return.

~Nicholas (not a son but courting our daughter Krista) is preparing to move down to Eugene Bible College. Mom, he's been prepared that you and Dad will want to get to know him and is thinking of trying your church. Maybe it will be a good fit.

~Josiah attended his FIRST day of lectures at college. Keep in mind he is NOT taking political science but is taking a math, English, and history course. The topics of discussion were gay marriage, abortion, and why the troops should get out of Iraq. ::snort:: While he told us about the lectures, I kept thinking "He's PAYING for THIS?" but he'll be fine and is wonderfully able to sort through the junk he hears and compare it with the truth in the Word of God.

~Josiah reports that he's figured out the parking situation. You have to pull up to one of the buildings and then stalk a student who leaves, allowing you to grab their spot as soon as they pull out.

~Josiah came home last night with a pay check that contained a bonus, another $1 per hour raise, and some very nice kudos. I thought it was nice of God, through Tim O, to send him some affirmation as he begins a totally new venture, which can tend to bring a bit of insecurity - though Cy isn't admitting to feeling out of sorts.

~A funny at college (besides the lectures)? Josiah was standing nearby while someone went on and on about these "little freshman", then he bumped into Josiah, looked UP and said, "I'm sorry, excuse me." Josiah bit his tongue but had a great response ready about these "little freshman cluttering up the place". LOL

I thought that with so much of our blog taken up recounting daily activities here at home (which by very nature focus on the children still at HOME) it would be nice to include an update of what our adult children are up to.

Friendship in Proverbs 4 and 6

There are not a lot of specific verses in these chapters on friendship. There are lots of verses on various relationships. Here are two that could speak to friendships.

Prov 4:23 Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.

Watch - guard - keep - be DILIGENT - does this relationship benefit my heart or is it allowing things contrary to God's will and plan into my heart?

Prov 6:12 - 15 presents a list of characteristics of a worthless/wicked man. I want to avoid these things in myself, and also in my close associates.

1. walks with a perverse mouth
2. winks with the eyes (deceptive)
3. signals with the feet (deceptive)
4. points with fingers
5. has a perverse heart that continually devises evil
6. spreads strife

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

It's SO much work to pull life together around here on some days! I don't know about all of you but there is this feeling of adrenaline in the pit of my stomach. It begins as I rush out the door to get a work out in, and doesn't end until the last child falls asleep. I think I used to handle it better. I've always been a fairly "high energy" person. I used to thrive on multi-tasking. I thrived on being around people. Now, I only want to have a clear plan and have it work for one day. ::snort::

It's about dying to oneself...and dying to one's plans for the day! I'm not sure I'm making a lick of sense here...but that is how I'm feeling tonight. I've been rushing and pushing from the very minute the alarm clock went off. Even my time in the Word feels "rushed" this week....."Hurry, hurry, get something out of this before Zander calls for breakfast." I know it's all about adjusting back to our school routine. Really, the "lazy days of summer" never materialized this year....but still I feel rushed and hurried as we adjust back to school.

I'm so thankful that God checked me when I planned to join more activities this fall. I simply can't keep up with "life" around here very well this week. I know that eventually Zander will adjust to doing school and Stacia will adjust to not having playmates....I've been on this road before....but just this evening, I am exhausted. I'm called to deny myself for this season of raising and schooling children - and it's good. It's just tiring on some days. ::snort::

What DID I do today? We all did math, phonics, and some reading. We began reading "Bill and Pete" - an old favorite of older kids who are now reading "Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Literature". ::snort:: We ate. I actually forgot to eat until I grabbed a roll at 6:00 p.m. I ordered more books. I searched for other books. I called Rosetta Stone and maybe, just maybe, they will send an upgrade for the discs that quit working...and maybe not. We shall have to see. I did get our TOG books ordered. We sat and talked about how we were organizing notebooks, vocabulary, and time lines this year. Jamin listed out for me the 20 topics he plans on studying - makes my head whirl. We organized Math U See blocks and books and discs. I FOUND a disc and a teacher's manual for Geometry.....YES. It pays to organize. I talked to Krista on the phone.

We ended the day by starting the sequel to Peter Pan and reading a chapter from a book on becoming men. Arielle wasn't so sure about this book choice - but it has to fit in somewhere. I told her to listen and learn what to look for in a man. I'm not sure she bought it, but really the chapter had good insights for all of us.

I need to bring this rambling entry to an end and go pull 36 pages from the SAP to send to Tapestry of Grace so that I can get my 50% off coupon for the redesign. Hmmm...if that sentence makes no sense to you, don't worry about it....It's homeschool mumble jumble.::snort::
Support 4 Home & School...

Or SHS for short is a yahoo email list that a friend, Cynthia, and I began on 25 September 1998. It's VERY high volume. Years into the adventure, Cynthia and I realized that we needed to not only run a homeschool list, but maybe school our children (JUST KIDDING OK?). We began to make changes to streamline the group - but it is STILL high volume. Y'all are warned. ::snort:: A few years ago we screamed for help and now have a prayer coordinator, a membership coordinator, five thread moderators, and a partridge in a pear make that two list owners (Cynthia and I). Membership fluctuates. We've been over 1800 and are currently at 1791. In a nutshell - we exist to offer support for Home and School to Christian women. There's a link in the sidebar if anyone wants to read more.

Here's the list description:

Our list has existed for over 8 years and was originally called *Sonlight*. We are a group of Christian Homeschool Women who teach our children using living literature.

Many members have chosen to use literature based curricle's or methods which might include the Charlotte Mason Approach, the Principle Approach, Sonlight, Tapestry of Grace, Cornerstone Curriculum, The Well Trained Mind approach, Ruth Beechick’s approach, the Classical approach, KONOS, Greenleaf, Five in a Row, Learning Language Arts through Literature, an eclectic approach, the Principle approach, Wisdoms' Way of Learning, or the unschooler approach.

We do not require you to use the above mentioned curricle's to join our group.

We require no proof of conversion to Christianity to join our list, though we will operate under the same rules of etiquette that we would expect of Christian women meeting in a living room.

Our mission is to give encouragement and help to women who are endeavoring to merge home and school into a lifestyle of learning.

In addition some join our list who are gathering information about possibly homeschooling in the future. We also have several on our list who have completed their "school" journey but stay with us to offer support as we homeschool and to be supported in the "home" aspect of life.
Confessions of a Scatterbrained Homeschooler (of 18 years ::snort::)

I spent two days looking for a book that is out of stock EVERYWHERE. I was sure I recognized the book. That really doesn't mean a lot when you've homeschooled as many years as we have. I recognize many books from catalogs and such that we've never owned. I checked the shelves...several times! I couldn't find it. I decided I must recognize it from catalogs and websites.

Finally, I ordered it on the 3rd day. Immediately before several gracious folks on SHS offered me a copy at better prices. I paid full price for the book - AND had to pay shipping. I'm out $30 for this book. I already was feeling less than pleased with this purchase. ::sniff::

Today - I FOUND THE BOOK ON MY BOOKSHELVES - NOT WHERE IT SHOULD BE - BUT ON THE SHELVES. I can't cancel the order. WHAT am I going to do with two new copies of this book? I can't possibly sell a it for new price, plus shipping, only I would pay that much for this book. ::snort::

I'm fairly disgusted with myself over this. I'm thinking I WILL make it a priority to put those little Dewey numbers on my books and get them all into a data base....I'll make it happen before I order another year of books!

Now, if I find that I already own a copy of Norton's Anthology of Western Lit ($68+), I'll be forced to inhale an EXTRA LARGE BAG OF M/M's.
Want to BUY List...

Here's an email I sent to SHS but I realize that there ARE homeschoolers who don't belong to SHS and some of them READ my here's a list of things I'm looking to buy.

Ladies – Renee just reminded me about the TOG boards for finding books. I thought I’d check here first as several of you emailed me about that one ancient art book I was ltrying to find. I’ll give you first shot to earn my dollars. LOL

Any TOG books Year 1 – units 2 – 4 – if you have some you’ve been thinking of getting rid of, do contact me. I’m looking mostly for the rhetoric level but I DO have children in all levels and so as money holds out will try to buy for them instead of using the library. LOL

MUS – geometry

MUS – Gamma and Delta (they are going through the levels faster than I predicted)

Filmmaking Text – ok – it’s a long shot ::snort::

Movies as Literature

Understanding the Times

Rosetta Stone Spanish – that works ::snort:: I may still get this replaced….

Rosetta Stone German – will consider other similar computer based program (yeah – in TX – maybe it’s a sign that God is finally going to send us to GERMANY!!! Of course Bre took 3 years of Chinese and we never went to China – though we did meet several spouses whose native language was Chinese).

If you have any of these please email me - either at my personal email or the one in the sidebar - let me know the title, condition, price and if it included shipping.

Friendship in Proverbs 2

2:20 So you will walk in the way of good men and keep to the paths of the righteous.

~If you have wisdom, you will walk in the way of good men and keep to the paths of the righteous.

~I NEED to be friends with the pre-believer. I also NEED to be close associates with those who are "good" and walk in paths of righteousness.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Totally Tuesday

Quote of the Day: Jared - "Playing Knights of Honor pays off. I know where all these places are." ::snort:: AND Jared says it will count for logic too. He thinks I should remove the computer time limits and count his play time as geography/logic.

Did I already confess to my insanity in STARTING SCHOOL THE FOURTH WEEK OF THE MONTH????? ::snort::

Yes, foot in front of the other. I CAN do this.

Worked out with a Step Video this a.m. I don't SAY it, but I spend time in the Word most mornings as well.

We got math and phonics done. I made a big salad for our monthly PAC meeting.

I grabbed Jared and we headed for base. The meeting was good. The salads were all yummy. Ivey does a great job feeding us each month.

Jared and I ran by the bank. He now has all the $ for World View in his account. There is a fundraiser on the 15th, our hope is that he'll be able to leave some money in his account. We shall see. I'm so glad both boys have earned their way to this camp.

Jamin and I continue to talk about his school options. This topic deserve a seperate post. Basically, we want to prepare him for all eventualities and yet we don't want to bore him to death "checking boxes" when he's already checked all the boxes that the state of Maine (where our cover school is accredited) requires. OK - I could say more but it really IS involved and should have its own post -or I should simply not say anything. LOL

I spent a few hours getting our TOG order together. Well - sorta. I had DREAMED of being able to order redesign and then simply pick the packages I would need, click a button, and have them all HERE. To do that would cost us $1800....on TOG only...not math, not science, not all these wild high school electives, not Christian Writer's Guild - just TOG. I can't do that. NOW - before you write off TOG as expensive - remember that I have a child in each level. AND I'm talking about paying full price, buying it all new, and not combining books. I spent this afternoon making sure we have the books that are multi-unit and the first unit titles. It was still more than I had right now. I was hoping I could pay for this part of the curriculum with the share and save credit I have of $158. I began to realize that in classic TOG I got very used to using one book for 2 or 3 levels and so I looked to see where we could combine...and that saved some $. Then I looked at the library and they had some surprising books. I'm guessing someone else has done year 1 in this town before me...if I could only FIND that person maybe we could have some TOG fellowship. LOL I also found books that weren't the EXACT title of what I needed but that will work fine. I did order all the rhetoric titles that I couldn't find because I really want to know that the things I hand my older student will either 1. be from my world view or 2. have teacher notes to warn me of what to address. I was bothered several times last year to hand adult books to my children on significant topics when I really didn't know the slant of the author. In ohter words they weren't recommended by TOG, they were the only books in our library on the topic. LOL My TOG order was still over $158. I went to Amazon and found some of the TOG books quite a bit less and some were quite a bit cheaper at I chose the cheaper at both places. I was finally ready to enter my S/S code and it wouldn't work. It's after business hours in the East, so I'll have to call them tomorrow. I refuse to feel like I wasted my day. Several books are on their way via free 2 day shipping from Amazon. I'll call first thing in the a.m. to see about the TOG order. I'll have all the books I need that are multi-unit and the first unit's books. I'd hoped not to have to buy month by month this year - but it's OK. God is faithful. Where God calls, He equipts and so I have to assume that He thinks I can handle the library trips another year. ::snort::

I called Math U See. Jamin was in the middle of Saxon Alg 2 and I pulled him out. *I* made the choice and Jamin was relieved after the fact. He HATES us to spend money on him and, lately, he's been expensive. ::snort:: He didn't want to throw out a text we had, to BUY a new one. He was spending 3 - 5 hours EVERY DAY BUT SUNDAY on Alg 2 and only made it 1/2 through the book. It wasn't clicking. I finally told him we had to do something different. I was used to that many hours on upper level classes but to only make it through 1/2 the material was simply too much work for one silly credit. The plan was for him to test through the early material of Alg 2 in MUS and then do the last half of their course. He likes the MUS. He is acing the ALG part but they have 5 review questions on the tests - and they are geometry. Those familiar with Saxon (at least the editions we own - they ones carved on tablets they are so old) know that there isn't a full geometry course between the two Algebras. I called MUS. Should I switch and buy Geometry and do that before Alg 2? They said I could either 1. skip the geometry review questions and not count them in his grade - DUH! I guess that's why they are the experts. ::snort:: or 2. do geometry now because it will help him on the SAT test and finish Alg 2 next year. What to do? Still not sure. We'll talk about it tonight.
THEN I nabbed Josiah and Jamin and we ran to the library. I got the books that I'd found online and then browsed the shelves for more books on Ancient Egypt. We came home with all these books for our lower grammar, upper grammar, and dialectic students. This will keep them busy - and it saved me hundreds of dollars. It was worth the hour....all those little dewey numbers got to me though. I really DO need to make that appt to see the optometrist. I'm getting a headache.

I printed out the sample of Ancient Egypt that Tapestery of Grace gives out (link in the sidebar). It is the first three weeks of the year 1 redesign. I really like it - a lot. I found the 50% off coupon for the redesign. I'll order it on pay day....I figure they'll turn it around fairly quickly (I hope) and I have 3 weeks before I need it. If worse comes to worse we'll do a few weeks out of the classical stuff or I'll wing it. I honestly think that I could wing it now with a library card and a general outline of what I wanted to cover. That's the joy of having homeschooled 17/18 years. LOL

A bright spot in the busy day. Mike bought these dresses in Korea for the girls. This WAS Arielle's but Stacia has found it. I couldn't get her out of the garbage bag to get a proper picture...she really does have the Dumpster Diva title down. ::snort::

All of us are home tonight - or will be when we get Michael - so we're going to have some fun.
Friendship in Proverbs 28

28:7 He who keeps the law is a discerning son, but he who is a companion of gluttons humiliates his father.

~Proverbs 25:28 showed me that a man with no control over his spirit lacks protection. I think this goes along with that.

~A glutton has out of control appetites - if I allow this in my life - or when I see it in other's lives I can know that it will lead to humiliation. I believe gluttony is a heart attitude and not determined by the number on the scales, BTW. I could be a glutton for things other than food as well....

~Matthew tells us to store up treasure in heaven - this person is driven to have it all NOW

Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School
Quote of the Day:

Jamin - "Feels strange to be the oldest student at home this year!"

Jared - "Yeah, I remember being the youngest student and now there are 5 children younger than me."
Jamin - "Stacia, will probably never have five younger than her."

Mom - "You never know". ::smirk::

I have complained numerous times about the fact that ALL the groups I belong to put their activities in the 4th week of the month. WHY, do you think, did I decide to begin school during a 4th week???? I guess because I need to order things for next year and I can't think if the children aren't focused. LOL

The day began with Curves at 5:45. ARGH - will I ever get back into the routine of getting out of bed that early to work out??????

Michael and I took Cy out to breakfast. (See the post below). Cy went to base to get a new ID.

I ran home and started the older boys on their work. I talked with the younger ones.

Cy got home and we had a precious family circle - I am missing more and more the older ones who are not in school with us any longer, and I was glad Josiah was here one more morning.

Cy left for college. No, I didn't follow him to college for this photo....but I DID take first day of school photos. LOL He left a full HOUR early and barely made it to his first class. It took him 45 minutes to find a parking spot and he PAID for a parking permit!

I took the students of Meadowcreek Academy of Excellence (named for the creek that ran through our yard in ALASKA and not the dried up creek down here) out for our first field trip. These are my students. I really think Stacia is our mascot or chaos factor and not a student.
Jared wants me to tell on myself. I was taking the above photo and told the child in the front row, second from the left to SMILE and then realized it was the trash can! I AM going to make that appointment with the eye doctor - soon. ::snort:: They are in K, 3rd, 4th (took us a bit to figure those grades out this a.m. I told Nolan and Arielle to remember for the next time I ask what grade they are in ::snort::), 8th and 11th grades this year.

Zander's first lesson of Kindergarten is that he LIKES cones.
Stacia's first lesson of the year is that Dilly Bars MELT ::snort:: She just happened to lose the ice cream from the stick immediately after I took Zander's photo. She caught it in her hand. LOL
I dropped children off at home and ran to the base to get MY ID updated.

Michael and I caught lunch with Ch. T and Kimberly. Kimberly leaves to go home to Maryland tomorrow. She's been a wonderful Chaplain Candidate and we are really going to miss her.

I ran back home.

We worked on our history quilt. It's done - it's bigger than we imagined it would be. I should stitch it up. Today we simply tied the corners and it is fine. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around HOW to stitch it.
It was supposed to hang nicely in this hall - but it touches the ceiling and hangs low down the wall...ah well. The kids want to make another one for this year. They aren't so sure about lap books but that's a story for another day. I need to make up salt dough eventually too. My goal is for us to FINALLY, our second time through TOG, make a salt dough map. As Jared says, we've been trying this every year. Last year we did cookie dough maps.

I still need to order TOG and all it's books. Also some components for new courses Jamin wants to take. We have the basics and have begun.

Tonight was Mom's Night Out. I feel like I should stay IN and order school books. Stacia totally doused me with a cup of milk, earning me a second shower for the day. While in the shower, I decided I NEEDED a Mom's Night Out after all.
GUESS WHAT? I got to hold baby Elisha for a good portion of the evening. From the milling around time through the meeting time. Deja is our Mom's Night Coordinator. Good job tonight, friend, I enjoyed all the socializing after the meeting. Anyway, a couple of folks haven't seen me through the summer and knew I was pregnant in May. This led to some confusion and there is really no gracious way to tell someone that you aren't pregnant but this ISN'T your baby... I loved holding this new baby and wasn't ready to return him . What can I say? It was bittersweet....healing for my bruised heart. Deja solved the problem. Isn't she awesome? Do you see my second name tag? It says "Elisha - Deja's Baby". ::snort:: It was so sweet to hold him. His whole little tush fit into the palm of my hand. His kissable head is covered with adorable HAIR. Ah.....Thanks for the loan of your little man, Deja. It filled a longing.
Thus begins our 18th year of homeschooling. Some of you know that I've been exhausted and dreading the start of a new school year. I still am; sometimes you just need to put one foot in front of the other and start plodding. I wanted to wait until I was PREPARED to begin....but it does seem like the children are ready NOW; I may never get EVERYTHING prepared. I plan to spend this week tying up loose ends: history quilt, lapbooks, portfolios, freezer meals, moving books, ordering books, running to the library....plenty to do while we wait for new books to arrive. I wanted to order all the individual books I would need for TOG - but I need all four levels this I won't be doing that. I'll be buying the multi-unit books and hopefully lit books, then supplementing heavily from the library again. I AM buying the high school level books, because Marcia makes wonderful choices and I don't have time to read all the library offers for this age.
I couldn't help comparing Zander and Cy's photos....both starting on significant ventures today; kindergarten and college. Really, in to time at all Zander will be entering college or some such thing. Michael and I've committed to stay engaged in parenting into our 60's. LOL I need to simply dig in.

No - I did NOT follow Josiah to his first day of college. Michael and I did take him out for breakfast, however, at IHOP.
BUGS! Outside IHOP. Ugh...crunch, look down and see THIS!
Now on with school for those of us at home.
Friendship in Proverbs 27

27:6 - Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.

~Everyone who makes nice is not necessarily a friend
~A friend will sometimes say the uncomfortable for our own good

27:9 Oil and perfume make the heart glad, So a man's counsel is sweet to his friend.

~Look for friends who will share counsel and consider it sweet rather than meddling when someone cares enough to offer counsel. ::snort::

27:10 Do not forsake your own friend or your father's friend, and do not go to your brother's house in the day of your calamity; better is a neighbor who is near than a brother far away.

~God has made provision for those of us who live far from family - righteous friends
~Here you go - I don't believe God intends for us to change friends with the season - this verse has something to say about loyalty in relationships

27:14 He who blesses his friend with a loud voice early in the morning, It will be reckoned a curse to him.

~Don't bug your friends in the early morning. ::snort:: Soft voice is o.k. hmmm....

27:17 Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

~This verse seems to summarize the previous verses on friendship. We are to sharpen one another. This will not happen as readily if we only hang out with those we find comfortable. It will not happen if we desert those who have the courage to speak truth into our life. It will not happen as readily if we flit from relationship to relationship and never develop depth in any of our relationships.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Three services. Great sermons. We're tired.

School begins tomorrow for many of us.

Josiah begins college.
Friendships in Proverbs 26

There are many verses in this proverb about fools, sluggards, and deceit. I'm going to assume that we've not knowingly chosen fools for friends so I'll not list all the verses here. I will, however, remember where to find wisdom on dealing with fools should the need arise.

26:17 - Like one who takes a dog by the ears id he who passes by and meddles with strife not belonging to him.

~Do you really have a dog in the fight? If not, keep out of it.

26:18-19 Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death, so is the man who deceives his neighbor, and says, "Was I not joking?"

~Watch out for deceit labeled as "joking" or "teasing" in my relationships.

26:20 - 21 For lack of wood the fire goes out, and where there is no whisperer, contention quiets down. Like charcoal to hot embers and wood to fire, so is a contentious man to kindle strife.

~ I don't want to be the one who whispers and spreads contention. There are those who need to always be in the middle of constant chaos.
Friendship in Proverbs 25

*Lots of verses here about neighbors. They speak to me of relationships, so I'm including them.

25:9 -10 Argue your case with your neighbor,(instead of a public hearing - 8)do not reveal the secret of another, or he who hears it will reproach you, and the evil report about you will not pass away.

~Revealing others' secrets will reflect on YOU (whether their secrets are true or not).

25:17 Let your foot be rarely in your neighbor's house, or he will become weary of you and hate you.

~Don't overwhelm others....but I do think that this is talking about a different level of relationship than "associate" was meaning.

25:18 Like a club and a sword and a sharp arrow is a man who bears false witness against a neighbor.

~None of these things are warm and fuzzy things. They are all warlike weapons, or could be used for hunting or such but not the images you conjure up for desirable friends.

25:19 Like a bad tooth and an unsteady foot is confidence in a faithless man in time of trouble.

~A bad tooth hurts - sometimes just with use, sometimes constantly. An unsteady foot isn't dependable, often causes pain, and also won't support. A faithless man/friend in the time of trouble won't be a support and may bring pain when you need him; don't put your confidence in him.

25:20 Like one who takes off a garment on a cold day, or like vinegar on soda, is he who sings songs to a troubled heart .

~Removing a garment on a cold day negates the purpose of the garment.

~Vinegar on soda makes bubbles???? Not sure what this says about friends. I'm going to do some more looking. Soda is natron in the original. I wonder if the vinegar negates the purpose of the natron in ancient days. Wasn't natron used in embalming? I've asked some friends and will dig out some book later.

25:23 The north wind brings forth rain, and a backbiting tongue, an angry countenance.

~Have you ever noticed that a backbiter will inevitably become a very angry person?

25:28 Like a city that is broken into and without walls is a man who has no control over his spirit.

~Walls provide protection. A man with no control over his spirit lacks protection.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Training Hearts

I can't get the cool graphic code to load into a post - you'll have to check out the sidebar. If you click the graphic, it will take you to the post where there is more information about this pledge.

Commitment Pledge:
We are a Christian family desiring to raise our children with the primary focus of Training their Hearts!

*“I have no greater joy, than to hear my children walk in truth..” III John 1:4

*“Train up the child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

*“Oh, that their hearts would be inclined to fear me and keep all my commands always, so that it might go well with them and their children forever!” Deuteronomy 5:29


Quote of the Day: Jamin: "I have all the credits I need to graduate, don't I?"

Mom: "Yes."

Jamin: "Can I take one more year and then take a year to work on writing and publishing my books?"

Mom: "Um...Dad and I will talk and pray about it. Are you thinking of moving to Crescent City to write?"

Jamin: "No."

Jared: "You should - you'd have all the characters you need for your books right there." ::snort:: OK - California and all.....and well Michael's folk live RIGHT on the river and they have ALL sorts of folks tromping down to the river - THAT is what Jared meant.

Lazy a.m. We all slept in.

I began looking around for the curriculum I need to buy. This mainly involves getting the classes that Jamin would like tracked down. I'm still looking for a filmmaking course that will fit the bill. He'll do Christians Writer's Guild. He'll do another writing class that involves writing editorials, book reviews for papers, submitting magazine articles etc. He'll have composition with TOG as well as history, lit, church history etc. I ordered the books he'll need for the first three weeks.

Michael took the younger children Jared- Zander to the pool. Jamin and Josiah are working.

I read teacher's notes and cried. I couldn't believe my 16 yo - our 4th - is talking about graduating. They are all growing up so quickly now....

We picked up chicken and such at Albertsons and met the P family at the park. Their boys and our boys were good friends and they will be moving to AK this week. It was a good time of closure for the boys. I could tell that Michael and Kwame were enjoying discussing RV's, engines, and travel routes. We women - well there is never a lack of conversation, is there? ::snort::

Michael and Jared went out for a run and I'm running the fantastic four through the bath....honest. Yes, I DO love the laptop and the wireless connection. ::snort::

Yesterday was busy.

Produce Co-op - Everyone helps....
Even Stacia - though none of us are sure why she thought we NEEDED the remote car????
What is THIS?
After co-op we peeled 25 lbs of potatoes. We were having company (NO THEY DON'T EAT THAT MUCH) and I wanted to make garlic mashed potatoes. I thought I would make a bunch and freeze the rest. I had just finished THAT when it was time to run. (Note, Nolan took the photo and MOM is the only one who cooperated - guess I KNOW what it's like to have uncooperative subjects ::snort::).
We had a hail and farewell. Two of our chapel staff are deploying. Two are just moving in. Our chaplain candidate will be heading back to Maryland on Tuesday. Always changes at a military chapel.

I had just enough time back at home to get dinner ready. We had a great time with Ch. C and family. They have six children - we had six at home. They had some rousing fun on the trampoline...Cy was the "big man" and had fun with them - until he got hurt. Jamin was at work. Kimberly was also here (our chaplain candidate). Deja, Arielle totally held her own in the midst of the rowdiness.....LOL Once again baby girls, BOYS, and her. LOL

We ended the night watching Mork and Mindy from Netflix and Hogan's Heroes.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Is There a Nurse, Dr, or Experienced Mother in the House????

When we've had stitches before the wound has always been "flat" and "together" when the stitches were removed.

The thought they would take these out at four days and didn't. They took them out at 7 days...but check out the photos below. The skin is puckered, we've been putting hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic cream on. It sizzles with the peroxide. Jamin works raw chicken. He hasn't been lifting weights and would like to - but I'm nervous about it.
Does this look right? Should I take him back to the ER again and have them restitch it?
Friendship in Proverbs 24

24:21 - 22 My son, fear the Lord and the king; do not associate with those who are given to change, for their calamity will rise suddenly, and who knows the ruin that comes from both of them.

~There you have it! Scriptural justification for all who want to avoid close friendships with us military types ::snort::

~Seriously, I believe this is talking about avoiding those who change their minds, their hearts, their beliefs constantly....KWIM?

~Again the "associate" is the same word used in Proverbs 20 and would denote a close relationship. I tend to reserve the title "friend" for those who are close to me. I think the term is thrown around a lot lately and we've lost the meaning of a "true, bosom buddy". I'm seeing through this jaunt, that there ARE levels of friendships/ this verse is another that would apply to those "meddling, mingling, intimate, close" relationships.

24:28 - Do not be a witness against your neighbor without cause, and do not decieve with your lips. (29) don't return tit for tat.

~These verses focus on MY actions and attitudes

~I must be careful not to be deceptive in my speech - in any way. . . be that through "outright" lies, exaggeration, fanciful embellishment of stories (unless others know that I am doing so)....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Working Poll!!!!

There you have it. I finally gave up on blogger. I saw that KATHY had a poll on her wordpress blog. I clicked the link and wala! A poll that works.

For those who were enjoying the mystery poll as to why it wouldn't work - you voted overwhelmingly that blogger hates me. ::sniff::

I'm not sure why the box is so long or white - but I'll play with it more later. Maybe.

Michael and Jared are still not home. I'm quite sure that CAP was over hours ago - that can mean only one thing - something had to be finished at the office. ::snort:: Ah well - I got MORE cuddle time and blog time as well.
Just Thursday

Quote of the Day: "Uh, Mom? Jared forgot his pants!" ::snort:: This shocking discovery was made as we drove home from dinner and dropping Jared at CAP. Someone didn't notice that Jared changed into a uniform.

I crashed today. I'd be hard pressed to list anything that I accomplished. I'm sure there's something - folded laundry, did dishes, made beds, watched a movie with the fantastic four, took the kids to visit Dad for a bit and dropped Jared at CAP, ran the stuff by Sherri's since I missed her yesterday, weighed some Rapadura, cleaned out a cupboard that exploded when I opened it....I actually cuddled and held Stacia a lot today....I barely saw her I said...we CRASHED.

But I didn't work out. I got ready to and simply couldn't make myself.

I didn't cook dinner - we had BK.

I had hoped to make some freezer meals - but didn't. My well stocked freezer is already looking frosty again and I have only 3 loaves of bread left.....time to get serious.

I'm mostly TIRED. I doubt we will begin school on Monday. I need more time to pull it all together.

Do I feel bad about today? Not really. I only wish I'd slept too. ::snort::

This has become my parenting, schooling, life motto since the girls grew up and moved out....

Isn't it a great little towel? I found it at Kobuks in Anchorage and HAD to purchase it. I look at it daily and always smile and remember: it's the little things that matter.

I got a card today from Bre. It made me cry. She talks about it being a rainy day...she had the kettle on, was preparing a cuppa tea, had the candles lit, jazz music on and it reminded her of many of our afternoons. She imagined what we'd be doing on a day like that and she was RIGHT. She missed me. She wrote just to share her rainy day with me. It's the LITTLE things like that that matter over a no, I don't feel bad about setting aside everything today to cuddle and play with the fabulous four. I went right away to put the kettle on - but it loses some of the charm when it's so HOT outside....maybe I'll turn the AC down real low and brew a pot for after bed time tonight....

I guess I spent the day savoring the blessing of having little ones at home while the big ones have moved on. . . and being a tad bit lazy...alright already... a LOT lazy.


Cecil - the t-rex who lives under Zander's bed.....he is very naughty. He cuts grandma T's flowers, he picks Grandma G's green plumbs before they can ripen, he doesn't make his bed, tips over the dogs water....and it looks like he may have cut Stacia's hair. We aren't sure but no one else is confessing. We think if she'd done it herself it would angle up. I've been saying for weeks that she has the strangest growing hair....and then we noticed.....hmmm....the short part is perfectly straight across and looks cut....

THIS is 33 lbs of Rapadura. It's a barely processed sugar cane. I use it in things like no bake cookies, cookies and such where I haven't figured out a good way to use honey and get the texture I like. You can measure it straight across in recipes. It has a toffe/molasses flavor. Here's a close up.....Yikes - whose finger prints are those??? ::snort::
Just thought someone may wonder....

Yes, I was supposed to draw yesterday - but I forgot. ::snort::

This weeks' winners are:

Jodi - *The Well Trained Mind*

Kelly *How to Save Money Every Day"

Ladies, send me your addresses and I'll get the boons on their way to you.

One more book giveaway on Saturday! Our Summer Challenge is coming to an end.
Wonderful Wednesday
Quote of the Day: "Can I have a ticket for sleeping?" or "Thanks, Mom for coming with me."

Yes, I know it's Thursday but I had no time to blog last night. ::snort::
Good grief this got long - reader's digest version if you can't read it all: Josiah registered for classes. I was gone from 7:30a.m. to late last night....with a brief hour at home. I don't like running all day. LOL
The day began with Curves. Feeling that I'd not sweated enough, I followed that with my Step Video. I quickly called in our produce co-op order. Then ran out the door with Josiah.
Josiah had a group meeting with the Advisor from the Business Dept at the University yesterday. I asked if he wanted me to come - I was perfectly fine going or not. He said yes. I WAS told that I couldn't take photos of my baby at college. ::snort:: BUT since we showed up 10 minutes early and no one else had arrived.....
Note the boring decor. I, personally, think you would hold folks' attention better with a bit more inspiration in the decor...but who am *I*? ::snort:: BTW no one else had showed up at 10:00 when the Prof walked in. He took us back to his office and we met with him privately. When we left there were 3 others who had showed up late waiting to meet with him. LOL This proved his point to Josiah about "standing out among your peers if you take intiative and stay organized". Note - I'm seriously wondering if I can sneak in and get a "first day of school" photo of Josiah. We have none of those "first day at school" things as the kids never LEFT for school....I should have taken photos each year - maybe I did and I've simply forgotten but I'll be sure from here on out....maybe we'll rent a bus so we can get those cool getting on the bus, looking back at Mom shots...LOL
The advisor was very encouraging. He said that Josiah would do well in college, as homeschoolers know how to take initiative and own their education. He agreed with Josiah and Michael that he should only take a couple of classes this semester and see how that goes with working 40 hours. Then he can take more classes and know how much of his work load he'll need to adjust to succeed. I'm the "charge ahead full speed" type and thought "go for it" but wisdom of the males prevailed. ::snort:: Since Josiah is paying for this completely out of his pocket, he is very determined to get good grades and doesn't want to take more classes than he can handle. We discussed the paying for it yourself thing. The advisor loved this aspect of "owning your education" by paying for it - but also pointed out that with one more class he could have aide in paying for it (which we've already applied for in January). We shall see what happens next year. I certainly applaud the determination of a son who wants to pay for his bills, pay his way and save up to support a one income family. I'm not at all disparaging his goals. He's a very wise young man and we are content to let him make these decisions.
Then we began the maze. Lifting the hold by turning in a military dependent paper so he can pay in state prices. Registering for classes. Getting a campus one card. Getting a parking permit and schedule etc. He's in. All the paperwork from NARHS etc arrived on time. Shew.....
The sweetest moment of my day is that alternate quote above....We talked about how it was a huge switch to go from homeschooling to this campus that you have to DRIVE around....and that I knew it would probably be a bit overwhelming and didn't mind coming with him. We had a great time being together and visiting...and I realized anew what a wonderful young man he's become. I'm so GLAD he's staying close to home. Why do they all eventually leave home???? ::snort:: ::gasp:: ::sniff::: No! Self, think ahead to Christmas and more children via the in-law system, and grand babies...don't think about goodbyes.....
Did we learn something? Yes. Michael and I take a hands off approach when our young adults are deciding what to do after graduation. We offer advice when asked, (and they always ask)but we don't do the work for them or push them in any one direction. Why? Because we know how important it is that they learn how to hear God's voice in these decisions. This is the first really big adult decision they will be making and we want them to have confidence that they can hear from God....and when it gets tough that confidence that THEY heard this direction and that they PRAYED over it will hold them in good stead. By this time we have seen with all three that have graduated that they ARE capable of hearing His voice....We have chosen to lower the volume of our voice so it doesn't clutter their mind while they seek His voice. Josiah had said he'd NEVER do college. That was fine with us. He changed his mind. That was also not a problem. My stance had been "if you aren't doing college, I need to teach you everything NOW" so his transcript was perfectly fine for switching gears. He spent quite a bit of time going back and forth between college and Master's Commission for this year. The "paperwork" for going to college got put off. I told HIM to apply etc if he wanted to go. I stand by my stance, but NOW the others will know if you wait until the very last minute, you may not get all the classes you want at the nice times you want! LOL I doubt we'll DO the applying or push much more, but in the future we'll be more aware of deadlines... He's been saving all year to pay for insurance, car, and he was in good shape.
OH - he DID get all his classes on MWF and in times that will not affect his work schedule. BUT we saw how many classes were closed this late in the game.
Now - here's where I WOULD change something. Because he insisted he was going to own a fishing guide business, I didn't push the SAT etc on the normal schedule. He took it this year - a full two years after he'd completed Saxon Alg 2. I'm convinced Algebra leaks out if you don't keep using it....and so he didn't score well on that part of the test. He has to take the "developmental" math - which is pre-algebra. I am certain that a month into this class algebra will pop back up on the screen from the depths of where it is hiding and he'll sail through the class. He made A's in Saxon Alg 1 and 2.... From now on, tell me you aren't going to college, and you will still take those SAT's and such in your Soph/Jr years.... That is a new family non-negotiable. LOL
Books - for 3 classes.....USED $298.00. Can you believe it? I'll quit griping about homeschool high school texts. 4 books - $300 - ridiculous!

That thin PAPERBACK history book (second in stack) $75.00 used. The Prealgebra? $98. Those other two over $50 a piece. We laughed when we saw Killer Angels at $10 USED - two reasons....the price and we have it at home and he read it as a Jr. LOL I think he'll do fine.

So - that took longer than we thought and I got home with just enough time to run off again. I spent the afternoon running errands. I had to pick up meds at base, deposit Project Officer money at the chapel's bank, turn in forms at the chapel, drop off a payment for our storage unit, drop off a gift and borrowed swimsuit at a friends, and I tried to drop off some other things at another friends.

I got home around 4 p.m. There were a host of phone messages and I need to sort through them. LOL

Last night Debbie and I ran over and kidnapped Mandy. I HAD my camera but was so tired I forgot to take pictures. I guess we'll have to do it again. It was fun to grab her unawares. She told us she had a hot date with Marty at 7:00 and we'd have to be back by then. Marty said, "No - they ARE your hot date." I'm guessing we were a disappointment - but we did have fun. ::snort:: Mandy's first child went to college this past weekend. Her baby begins kindergarten on Monday. It seemed like a good time for some "friendship intervention".

It was a FULL day. I walked in the front door as Mike walked in the back door (on the cell phone). I don't know how Michael does these days ALL the time. The day made me so grateful that I am a stay at HOME mom. Debbie and I joked about that. She works full time. I told her I don't know HOW she does it. Being out all day exhausted me. However, even homebodies must have an errand day from time to time.

OK - so who besides my mom managed to read all this???


Today's Proverb is full of more characteristics to search for in a friend - and to pray for in myself. Again, I believe that we can be "friendly" with folks who have these characteristics....but that they should not be my most intimate friends. I'm still not sure that these are commands that MUST be obeyed at all costs...but they are certainly wise and I see the benefits of following them....and the character traits mentioned are surely ones that will result as I surrender daily and walk by the Spirit.

23:6 - 8 Do not eat the bread of a selfish man, or desire his delicacies for as he thinks within himself so he is. He says to you, eat and drink, but his heart is not with you.You will vomit up the morsel you have eaten, and waste your compliments.

23: 9 Do not speak in the hearing of a fool, he will despise the wisdom of your words.

I must be careful that *I* do not despise the wise words that others share with me.

23:20 Do not be with heavy drinkers of wine or with gluttonous eater of meat

(Note no where in the original Hebrew does it mention CHOCOLATE!) ::snort::
Friendship in Proverbs 22

22:11 He who loves purity of heart and whose speech is gracious, the king is his friend.

Solomon (I'm assuming) looks for those who are gracious and pure of heart in order to form relationships. I must too. I must also surrender to the work of Christ to become this type of person.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Friendship in Proverbs 20 revisited

I've had a bit of time to dig out the gems in this verse. I'm glad I took the time to do so - it answered many of my questions . Before, I dig into this more I want to share, without giving specifics that God's timing for calling my attention to this verse was amazing. My questions stem from a personal situation but one that I am sure does not involve anyone who I know reads my blog. How's that? I don't want anyone wondering if things they've said to me are bothering me - I'm an upfront person. I've been known to tell friends "I think our friendship is too gossipy - forgive me - we need to clean it up." If I thought our friendship was in this realm - I would say something privately to you.

As a counselor of women and as a pastor's wife there are times when folks share confidences with me - I don't consider that gossip. I don't know that I've ever said, "You are so right - give me the dirt". KWIM? AND I don't spread the intimacies shared with me....but I've said for a long time that "gossip" is the "disease of those in ministry" and so I guard against it carefully. This verse SMACKED me and raised questions. It HIT me because I don't want to be a person that goes around slandering - and I don't want to have friends that are slandererous either. That said - WHAT exactly does the Scripture consider to be slander? I know what is LEGAL SLANDER but that doesn't apply here. What does GOD consider slander?

20:19 He who goes about as a slanderer reveals secrets, Therefore do not associate with a gossip. NASB

"He that goeth about as a talebearer revealeth secrets: therefore meddle not with him that flattereth with his lips." KJV

Word Studies
Strongs # 7400

Blue Letter Bible: slanderer, informer, to go about for the sake of slandering (hate it when the word is used to define the word - don't you?) ::snort::

Dr. Zodhiates: always negative, spreading rumors or falsities about someone
revealing things that should not be made public

TWOT #2165B (Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament)- says same

Conclusion: this is a person who goes around telling tales out of school - maybe they are true - but they shouldn't be made public - this person is described further....He reveals secrets.

Strongs 1540 - uncover, remove, expose, disclose

Strongs # - 5475
Blue Letter Bible (Strongs) - secret counsel, as reclining at a couch and sharing intimate, familiar discourse

Dr. Z - Confidentiality is at the heart of the term.
~information shared in confidence should remain confidential (Pr 25:9)
~suggests the idea of intimate counsel
~in a negative sense would denote evil plotting

TWOT #1471 A - this is confidential counsel vs general counsel
~indicates a circle of trusted intimates who give their advice.

This is COOL, are your ready?
~a wise and upright man who walks in the fear of the Lord will have God's secret counsel (Ps 25:14, Pr 3:32, Amos 3:7)

Conclusion: A slanderer is one who reveals (uncovers) INTIMATE CONFIDENCES - he is one who breaks an expected trust of intimacy. A pastor/counselor is Biblically slandering if they break the expectations of confidentiality and share intimacies that have been shared with them. I'm sure there are exceptions - but as a rule this conduct would rise to the Biblical use of the word.

We become slanderers when we share intimate confidences with others that have been entrustedto us. It seems to me that this is a significant betrayal of trust.

Meddle Not/ Don't Associate

I checked Not means Not or don't....we'll leave that word. LOL

Strongs # 6148
Blue Letter Bible - Strongs - take on a pledge, mingle, occupy

Dr. Z - exchange, take a pledge, give a pledge, mortgage, taking possession of exchanged material, implied sharing or associating at a meaningful level, conveys the idea of engagement.

TWOT - #1686 Word usage in OT
1. barter, exchange
2. pledge, mortgage
3. become surety or bail for

Homonyms - associate with, intermix, meddle

Conclusion: Associate - is a deeper relationship than simply hanging around with someone. It speaks of "intermingling", of becoming a surety for the's "sharing at a meaningful level". So - I should not have this level of relationship with someone who goes around breaking the intimate confidences of others. If I know that someone makes this a practice - I should establish boundaries to ensure that I can speak into this person's life but NOT become victim to this person. This verse doesn't mean that I can't say Hello or go to lunch with any person that has ever gossipped.

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: He who goes about spreading rumors and revealing things that should not be public reveals intimate confidences, therefore don't share a meaningful relationship with a person who gossips.

There is still room for relationships because we are to be salt, light, and mentor each other....

This definition of "slander" is tougher than the legal definition....this is helping me sort through that situation I illuded to earlier....I thought one party may be slandering another...but now I clearly see that the first party was biblically slandering and maybe the second party isn't. I also see that this is not saying that all level of relationship with a known slanderer is to be cut off.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friendship in Proverbs 21

21:21 He who pursues righteousness and loyalty finds life, righteousness, and honor.

Just a reminder to me to pursue those things which are truly of activities, in relationships...
Terrific Tuesday

Quote of the Day: "If a man wants to leave tracks, everyone should let him!" Amen! I pray that all my children are track leavers. LOL

45 minutes of Step Video.

Friend, Kim, dropped by with the completer set of MUS. We had a nice visit. She had even asked them why I had a RED "ones" counter in my starter set. I had joked that it must be like the golden ticket of Willy Wonka's. No such luck. Ah well - I had dreams.

Fielded several phone calls.

Began co-op order.

Had a fun talk with Krista.

Took the children and Emma, Arielle's friend, to the Rec pool. It was EMPTY and then was VERY FULL! This is a different year than last...duh. ::snort:: Last year Zander and Stacia pretty much stayed in the kiddie pool and I could sit on the side and visit with friends or read. THIS year Zander has learned to swim underwater, is more daring, and has taught himself to dive. We have no idea how - but he did - and he has perfect form. The problem is that we've had a hard time convincing him it is DANGEROUS to dive in 3 ft of water. Yesterday he had a reality check and I'm still praising God that His hand was on Zander and it wasn't more serious. He dove in....while I was trying to keep Stacia from falling out of the big life vests. The China Beach pool, devoted to LITTLE kids, has closed. This means, evidently, that they took all the little life vests and put them up for a season. ::snort:: I need to go buy a small one or not go to the pool without another adult in the water. It was too hard to watch Zander and Stacia if she isn't in a vest. She, of course, thought she could jump in, paddle etc as she does with a vest. ::snort:: Back to Zander.....while my attention was turned to Stacia, I was RIGHT THERE, he dove in. He hit the bottom of the pool with his face. He had/has? a bump on his forehead and a big scrape on his nose. He was shaken but not permanently injured. No more diving....he moved to new tricks - flips into the pool (also a no-no at this pool) and standing on his head and waggling his legs....cute trick.

Dinner was baked penne by request of Jamin. Jamin was HOME for dinner and so was Mike. Yippee.

I think that sums up the day.
Friendship in Proverbs 20

First, a thought. When approaching any study of Scripture we need to keep an open heart to change required in our lives. If studying the Word doesn't cause me to know God deeper, to be transformed a bit more into Christ's image...then it's simply an intellectual exercise. I do not believe that is what God had in mind when He told us to meditate on his word, to look into the perfect law of liberty....

In studying what to look for in friends I've become acutely aware of the type of friend I need to be to others....and I've been challenged and convicted and changed.

20:3 - Keeping away from strife is an honor for a man, But any fool will quarrel."

I need to beware of being quarrelsome. This is difficult for a talker...and I've often had to apologize to my family, to my friends in real life, on SHS and probably even on this blog. I try.

I need to beware of quarrelsome friends. The Word says they are foolish.

20:7 - A righteous man who walks in his integrity - how blessed are his sons after him.

I will look for righteous friends who walk with integrity - and I will continue to strive to walk in integrity....and to daily throw myself on His grace which allows me to be clothed in His righteousness.

20:19 He who goes about as a slanderer reveals secrets, therefore do not associate with a gossip.

Youch - this one appears clear.....but I DO have questions. What exactly does the Word mean when it says slander? Is it different than what our culture considers to be slander? What about secrets? What about associating? Does this mean NO FELLOWSHIP? How can I be salt and light to a friend who struggles with these sins if I have nothing to do with them? Does the word associate maybe mean a deep friendship and a mentoring or acquaintance type friendship would be ok? Remembering that Proverbs is not a doctrinal book but a book of wise maxims, I know that this may not be a COMMAND that I HAVE to follow but rather a wise principle that a wise person would follow? It certainly is for my GOOD to avoid someone who slanders, gossips and reveals secrets of others. Yes - I need to do more study. I've begun word studies and will share more on this as I flesh it all out. If you've prayed about this or studied this verse and have some insights you'd like to share - feel free to comment.

*Yep, I decided to just jump in and not try to "catch up" from the first.
Friendship in Proverbs

I'm doing it again! I love to read through the book of proverbs month by month. I often look for one word or one theme and mark it, take notes etc. Any verse can speak to me, but I find that looking for a specific theme does help me to keep my mind from wandering.

For general background info on Proverbs you can read this post, which contains thoughts I shared when beginning to study "Parenting in Proverbs".

I'm going to be leading a six week study on Friendship starting 4 Sept. I've been doing a lot of thinking and thought I'd share. I have a heart for relationships and found that I really NEEDED this focus in my personal life.....maybe someone else will appreciate it too. A people person sometimes struggles to find a balance in relationships. Are friendships expected to be forever? What do you do if a friendship seems to dissolve? How do you make friends when those around seem not to need new friends? How do you know when it is safe to share your heart? What should I look for in friendships? Are there different levels or types of friendships? These are things I've been pondering and I am curious to see what Proverbs (that book of wisdom) has to say on the topic.

Again this will be devotional - I'm not not looking for an in-depth topical study at this point. I reserve the right to dig into a specific verse at any time. ::snort:: I use the New American Standard Bible, published by The Lockman Foundation, in my devotional reading.

I only need to figure out if I should go back and try to catch up or just begin posting from here....stay tuned....I simply want to set some framework for daily posts you may begin to shortly see..... (no cutesy friendship graphic - maybe I'll have to go surfing soon. )::snort::

Monday, August 20, 2007

More of Monday
Quote of the Day: Jared rushed in "I think we're out of synch". Mike rushed in "Where have YOU been?" Seems they both went out side to go on a run and missed each other. ::snort::

We agreed to walk down to "the Mar" after "dinner" (and I use that term LOOSELY - check comments for more on that because I don't have to totally diss myself on my blog ::snort::). The Mar is a local school. Fun playgrounds.
Michael and I began our rolling budget talk at the playground. He was happy to see the pages of numbers. I suspected he would be. In all SERIOUSNESS he told me a couple of weeks ago that he thought I should enroll in an accounting class....ugh....We shall see.

We met our neighbors at the playground. Played with some local kids. Got to talk with Shanna and see Stephanie's kids too on our way home. Happy Anniversary, Stephanie!
Michael and Jared attempted to go out for a I got some blogging time. They are currently on a "cool down" run from their separate but together run....
In a strange, ongoing story I received a cell phone in the mail today from the Oak Harbor post office. Krista - is THIS your cell phone? The battery is dead and we don't have a charger. Email me with a list of the other things that were in the package you sent.
Christmas Ticker

I honestly was NOT going to start counting down until after Thanksgiving this year. Honest. I don't want to subject all to those hourly/minute by minute count downs of the first year the girls came home.....

Of course last year we all tracked the girls from closed bus station to bus station.

THIS year I planned to be dignified. I'd put up a ticker the day after Thanksgiving. No fan fare - just a dignified ticker.

BUT....we are EXCITED!!!! Only 4 months until we get to see our babies...and Nicholas...and Mom and Dad TOO!!!!

Arielle asked me how many more days and THEN SHE asked me if we could make a ticker. I said, "don't you think it may be a little early." She smiled real BIG and said, "not really"...and that's all it took for me to lose my dignity once again.

Mom - email the time you'll be arriving here and I'll see if you are going to be on the same flight again.... don't post the name of the town or time here....just in case I really DO have a 500 lbs blog stalker....
Blog Awards

A weighty topic? I didn't begin blogging, as some do, to change the world, share my thoughts with a large audience, promote a business or ministry... I began blogging because we wanted an easy way to keep in touch with friends and family and my memory has failed to the point that a family journal is a necessity. This explains why my blog is full of the long "this is what we did today" posts.

Over time, with help from others, I've come to see that the blog has become an extension of my mentoring lifestyle. I'm blown away that so many read and are blessed. All the honor and glory belongs with God and not me...And so when awards come my way I'm never quite sure what to do with them....I guess I want to say "thank you", "I'm humbled" and "I think the right thing to do is simply wrap it all up and hand it back to God".

If you never read any of the reflective posts and only read the fun stuff...that's fine too.....maybe I'll win a "totally silly" award someday. LOL Thanks to Michelle for giving me the Blogger Reflection Award. I'm humbled at the way that God uses a simple blog and an even simpler blog author. ::snort:: I know protocol says to post the nice things said - but I simply can't. If you want to read the nice things Michelle said, visit her blog. I've tried to track down the originator of this award to figure out WHAT I'm supposed to do and HOW the rules work - but I haven't succeeded. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post blogs that are reflective and make me think or blogs that reflect the Master....So....I'm not going to do anything yet.

1. Well I am going to nominate a reflective blog that I'm aware of....the award goes to TIM at Duckabush blog. Now Kathy is a profound blogger with wonderful photos - but she's won her share of awards. ::snort:: I began reading this family's blog back when Tim was the SOLE blog author...and I've always loved his perspective on hikes, parenting, being an upright child of God....and since Kathy's posts minister to me me too I guess I can give her this award too so that would mean that I DID nominate two....that's not too shabby. LOL

Thanks, Trish, for passing this award on. Trish thinks I'm nice - and she's lived IRL with me through weight loss, weight gain, making a zillion tea pots for a mother's day tea, pms, planning for women's things, et al. BTW Trish I can't get anything to copy from your blog (graphic, link properties, text). I would have picked Trish for this award...but she's done been picked! LOL

"This award is for those bloggers who are nice people, good blog friends, and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also, for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to seven others who you feel are derving of this award. " In no particular are 7 (if I can do it). BTW I'm trying to pick blogs I've not picked before and I think ALL of you are nice or I wouldn't read you! LOL

1. My friend Deja (Life in Texas) is nice. She simply is. She's the one who gave me permission to grieve the loss of our babies. She's the one who made zillions of phone calls to co-op for me. She's the one who watched Shannon's children and took clothes to Shannon in the ER. She's nice. If she wants her blog URL posted, I'll post it later....but she certainly wins this award in my book. Feel free to copy the award into your blog, if you'd like, Deja.

2. Lisa at The Berry Patch is my next pick. She has always been incredibly encouraging on SHS, on CWLS, on blogs. She's nice.

3. Dody is a friend I've known IRL, on SHS, on TOG Loose Threads....a few years ago she sent me her TOG when I couldn't figure out why everyone thought it was great and I should switch curriculums, she's a gracious host and friend. You'll love her Alaskan photos. Dody is a fellow military spouse.

4. I have to pick my friend Becky at One Little Blogspot.....I'll post her URL later if she doesn't mind going public.

5. Liz...well, well, well... Liz has an amazing gift of combining humor and sarcasm to cope with life. There have been days when a comment from her has been used mightily by God to pull me out of the pits. Liz is also a very dedicated student of the Word, and has walked through the valley with her faith and trust intact. If you casually read her blog you may not think she is "nice", ::snort:: but she's been a cyber friend for years and I'm here to tell you the big secret is SHE IS NICE (as long as you don't mess with her chocolate). ::snort::

6. Chris at A Piece of Pax.....This lady has homeschooled 3 successful children, she's been host mom to reams of Master's Commission children, she offers science advice and news links on SHS (though she could have dropped us when her baby graduated), she runs a great used book business, takes care of her parents (who don't live with her) and her mother in law (who does live with her) and she has 4 darling grandchildren.

7. All those who read and post comments on my blog - are certainly nice - and so I award you all. LOL