Monday, September 16, 2019

Family Fun in the Garden

It's Monday. It's time to work on adjusting to our new normal.

I spent time with Jesus. This is soul-care.

I made a list of all the things I still need to do to get Dad truly "moved."  It was overwhelming. I accomplished five of the ten items on the "Dad To Do" list....and then deliberately stopped for an hour of self-care in the form of a work out.  The other five will wait for tomorrow or later in the week.

Michael got up and we tackled one of the garden projects! Potatoes to be exact. We are getting more rain and I had trouble with potatoes and squash getting soft and squishy last year. I'm learning how to balance the need for more TIME with the danger of WET and FROST.

I expected the size on the left...

Papa's shadow got into the action  - by the time it was over the whole family was in on the fun. I loved it. I didn't get a photo of Dad and Krista. 

Yukon Gold

Wait, Benny! 

We planted one row of reds and three rows of golds....our red harvest was prolific. 

Michael said we got right at 300 lbs of potatoes....I am not sure they will winter over....I am thinking of grating some for hashbrowns in the freezer....and maybe I'll can a soup starter. What would you do? 

Michael averted a near disaster. We were throwing chickweed to the chickens. We always take care to give some to Petunia, our lame chicken. She lives in the greenhouse saved us from a chickweed invasion in the greenhouse. She had plenty of other treats. 

 We picked the cucumbers and composted the vines....I'll make one more batch of pickles. I'll need to figure out how  - or where - to grow more cucumbers next year.

The chickens love garden harvesting....


I picked all the medium and big squash before we left...but 3 weeks is a long time this time of a year.....I have quite a few HONKER zucchinis. 

Do take note of Bachan's boots! Benny  is impressed. Chickens all over them - great for gardening in the wet ground this time of year.  Our empty potato patch. It will be bigger next year if I can figure out how to use them all this year.

Road Runner continues to get out. Lucille is fully integrated back into the chicken yard. Look what we found today! Road Runner has been laying eggs. 

More squash - whatever can I do with all of it? 

 Some of these are a usable size.  

After all the fun in the garden, we settled for leftover stew, leftover salmon chowder, sandwiches and steamed baby potatoes. LOL

The apples continue to dry. Tomorrow, we'll keep working apples and try to get a batch of pickles done....and then something must be done with the tomatoes soon.