Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gherkins at Lane County Fair

At the end of a long day of yard work at Mom and Dad's, Krista suggested she take Nolan, Alex and Stacia to the 2016 Lane County Fair. Michael called me at the hospital and suggested we go out for dinner - which we did.  A fun evening for all.
Stacia commented these rides were wilder than the ones in Hachinohe. 

I love her expressive eyes!
They got more than they bargained for in this ride. It looked like it would swing back and forth. It was an exhilarating surprise when it swung up and over the top.  Stacia's response on the video is priceless....worth watching just for those seconds. Keep in mind this is the first American county fair these three have attended.  Yes, they saw the rabbits, jams and jellies too - but the rides were the hit for them.

Charming gals at the fair. LOL 
 I texted Krista to go ahead and get dinner and tickets for all and we'd reimburse her. She didn't get the text, but I was relieved to see they had a nutritious dinner of elephant ears nonetheless.

Krista even took some video clips, if you'd like to see the action click below. 

This is life....the fun in the midst of the hard. Family memories made in the midst of the hospital visits. That'll preach!