Wednesday, May 27, 2015

PWOC Installation 2015

 Tuesday four of the kids had dental appointments. It turns out Zander is fine (WHAT???), Nolan had two cavities, Stacia and Arielle have referrals to an oral surgeon. Stacia has another baby tooth that simply isn't coming out and this one looks complicated. Arielle has two impacted wisdom teeth - this may change timing of moving out as she has a Mexico Trip in June to work around and oral surgeons stay busy. The doc wanted to give Nolan braces. I would think one of the many dentist's we've seen would have said something before now - even THIS dentist - if it were dire.

Tuesday I also spent time preparing all this (above).   There we are all ready to head out the door to our final PWOC - of this year anyway. Sometime during this day Stacia and I had a fun conversation.

Stacia: When I grow up I want a nice, normal life, not a big job like yours.

Me: My job?

Stacia: You know - everyone calling to complain and five people asking questions at the same time.

Oh MY - I would never describe my "job" this way - but I suppose there are days when this would be accurate. LOL

PWOC is one of the few ministries I know which has a transition of both leaders and members each year. It's always amazing to watch God's provision each year. Below is the team I was honored to lead this year. The second photo shows the amazing team God and Jennifer are shaping up for next year.  Today marked the final day I will serve as a PWOC President - forever. I'm o.k. with it. I'm ready to move on to a new season. I know I'll always mentor women and I  know I'll always share the Word. God will reveal the details.
Me, Desiree (Quentin), Stephanie, Katie, Rachel, Cynthia, Jennifer
Thea, Rachel, Stephanie, Katie, Sarah, Ashley, Hope (traveling), Jennifer
Angela with 2 week old Jackson - so glad they could be with us

Desiree with Quentin - both champs! Des provided brunch as a thank you to PWOC


Love to give gifts

Receiving them isn't bad either - Katie made me a trailer size string art of a cross and heart

Patricia and Quentin - so glad she is here with Desiree until mid-June

I love this gal - though hearing someone sing your praises is a bit uncomfortable
 While we enjoyed brunch, sharing, farewell prayers for 3 of us, and installation - the kids had messy day and water day. Stacia was so happy to have Anna and Sydney at PWOC.
Arielle gets the kids moving. LOL