Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bella Time

BreZaak are working on their master's degrees. Bre had a class which started with an on-campus intensive this week. She will then finish the class online.  Gemma was the natural one to spend the week with Bella - and living right around the corner has made this VERY convenient. πŸ˜‰
Bella and Uncle Cy
Bella is 11 months old now! She seems to have given me a new Grandma name, "Ba!"   I thought she was just babbling, but she seems rather intentional. She began the week saying, "Ma," to which I didn't respond as Bre would. By the end of the first day she'd moved down her list of consonant blends and settled on calling out, "Ba!" when she wanted or needed my attention.... There you have it - Ba, as in Baachan, Japanese for Grandmother. I'll take it.  Our joke is that Michael is sure to become "Ra" you know your Egyptian mythology or Prince of Egypt?
Love those teeth 
It's been fun to have Bella here all day. I have determined if I was watching grandblessings on a regular basis, I would pull out my sling and be a baby wearing Grannie! 😊The boys have pretty much stayed in the back room and worked on school. Stacia has gotten up early to work on school so she is able to play and help with Bella.
Bella and Aunt Stacia
Today, Mom and Dad came over for a visit. Today is Dad's REAL 76th Birthday! Bella, however was the star of the show.
GG and Bella 
This girl can sing and dance. I'm going to share the unedited clip - because babies take energy and I don't have time to edit videos! LOL