Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Christmas Adam Tea 2020

 My mom loved getting family together, Christmas, and all things tea. One of our fun memories of Mom is her institution of the Christmas Adam Tea for all the women in the family. The first Christmas Adam Tea was in 2015. We only had one more, before Mom went to celebrate with Jesus in heaven on Dec 12th, 2017. 

I made Brenda's Scones and
 my Misawa Gals' Scones

December is an emotional month for me. I have searched for ways to remember and honor Mom's legacy. The Christmas Adam Tea is one of my favorites.  It's a GREAT break for the women of the family to stop, breathe, remember, reflect, and focus on relationship in the midst of the busy season. We remember Mom whilst making new memories together - as Mom would have loved. 

Front - Danny, Krista, Arielle
Back - De'Etta, Brittany, Stacia

2020 is a bit of an odd year for the tea. Last year we simply didn't pull it off - I was determined to pull it off for whoever could be here this year. Sadly, Larissa was unable to travel. Carrie and Livie are out of state.  Bre, Bella and Annie are locked down (by choice)  until Covid settles down. As we contemplated our dwindling number we hit on the idea of inviting an "adopted daughter" to join us - Brittany. This felt RIGHT. All those years living far from family - I always adopted young spouses...I miss the circle of young was fun to welcome Brittany to our celebration. 

Krista filled these darling molds. A couple with Sugar Free/Gluten Free Chocolate and a peanut butter/monkfruit concoction. The other three were coated with white chocolate and filled with an Oreo crumb mixture, topped with marshmallow cream. They were yummy- and they were BIG. We'll probably bake cupcakes in them next year...I simply forgot I had them until we were looking for a shape I wanted for the scones. LOL 

I made Chicken Salad...and served it these ways and with gluten free chips. 

Our Sophia's Treats. Stacia works at Sophia's. The bottom layer has Gluten free no bakes and brownies. The middle layer had raspberry bars and the top layer has lemon bars. 

 A selection of teas...

Mom let us choose a cup from her collection at her tea party. Stacia said I'm too young to start giving away my collection. ::snort:: Instead, I purchase tea cups and gift the girls them. Some years we all get the same cups, this year I found darling cups - each one a bit different, all on close out. Unfortunately, T2Tea wouldn't ship to Alaska, but I wanted them badly enough to have them shipped to a sister-friend in ID and then shipped up to me. It was worth it. Everyone got to pick the cup they wanted for the party and take it home with them. I TRIED to shop local but the local gal STILL hasn't delivered the tea I ordered this summer...I finally ordered that tea from Amazon. ::snort:: 

This was my choice. 

Every party needs some favors. 

 All is ready....

Just add a few strong, lovely ladies. 

Christmas is so close! 

Aunt Stacia monopolized Danny's time

Arielle's cup and goodies. Krista gifted us with the goat milk soap from Spilt Milk Soaps. I highly recommend this company. 

The water tower ornament - made by Carl of Carl's Creations. Carl and his wife are dear friends and members of our life group. I purchased 30 ornaments from him last year after buying one at Colony Christmas.  Everyone who receives one loves them. Carl completed his faith race well and on Dec 12th went home to be with Jesus. I always loved to hear his insights at life group. He will be greatly missed in our community. Death is truly bittersweet for believers. Bitter and yet SWEET - because we know this is  a continuation of life for our loved ones. 

I find myself thinking of heaven more often since Mom passed away...we do not grieve as the world. We have assurance this life is not the end. 

I do have back posts I'm working on...expect several "Photo of the Day" type posts. I would love to be ALL caught up by Jan 1st, but realistically I can only hope to catch Nov/Dec up by that point.