Saturday, April 13, 2019

Bella's Tea

Bre invited all  the girl Gherkins over for a tea party to celebrate Bella's 3rd birthday! My how time flies!

Bella loves princesses - today's theme was Frozen.....

Bella is a charming pre-schooler. Full of energy, laughter and a tad bit of sass. She loves her family. She often calls Auntie (Stacia) on her pretend phone, and then informs Bre, "Auntie is coming."  It has been fun to get to know Bella more this year. She is a charmer. 

Gideon has eyes in which  one could get lost. He's been christened Bubbie by Bella.

Annie (3 months old) is content to snooze while the activity gets underway. BreZaak have full hearts and days. 

Benny's new pose when Gemma grabs the camera

Bella loves tea. Bre has convinced her  milk in her special tea cup is tea. Smart Mommy!  Papa and Uncles Alex and Nolan dropped by, but this day was mainly for the littles and us gals.  I did find myself thinking of Krista.  We knew this would probably be our last girl thing before Larissa moved to Juneau and that made the day extra special.
Bella, Bre, Gideon, Larissa, Me, Stacia, Arielle, Annie

Annie is ambivalent about teas just yet

Benny is all for teas if it means a bit of sweets!

Uncle Nolan captured Annie
It was a great day to celebrate the blessing of a special girl in our family's life. Bella brings joy and zest to every gathering and brightens our memories when we're apart.

I find myself in awe of God's leading on days like this. Our Air Force family never envisioned ending up with so many of us in the same location - ALASKA of all places. Being near to celebrate birthdays is something Michael and I had not dreamed of...and yet, God made a way!