Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I could post the devotional I shared Sunday on a yahoo group I co-own. Most of you have read it already. LOL

This boy stayed up with me LATE to see how Montana would go.....he is very concerned about how his birthstate will vote. I finally sat down with him and did the math to show that even if all the states left go Red, the outcome is still the same. That seemed to settle it for him and he went to bed. I'm not sure what he'll say if Montana has gone blue.


What am I going to do in the next weeks? Continue to pray and fast for our country and leaders. I'm also going to see if Mike can do anything about that prediction of where our next assignment will be. I'd rather stay in the deep south or move to a "fly over" state.

Giving Thanks - Day 4: Regardless of the outcome of the American elections, I KNOW WHO IS THE KING OF KINGS!!! and He isn't about to be voted out of that position.

I am choosing joy. I am choosing to cast my anxiety about the direction this country may be heading on Him.

©2008 D.R.G.

We Have a Winner!

News Release; 4 November 2008


It was a hard fought battle but the results of the Official Ice Cream Election have been counted, re-counted, and certified.

Moose Tracks/Bunny Tracks - the same thing - won with 36 votes. The runner up with 32 votes is Cookie Dough.

There were 172 votes and not one "hard to read" vote among them. After the Texas votes had been counted Cookie Dough was up by a 2 to 3 margin. Moose Tracks ruled when the internet votes were added.

Things we learned as reported by Nolan and Arielle:

Recounts are not fun. Wait until all the votes are counted before you guess a winner. Lots of people like to vote.

My comment: This was a "bit" of extra work to do a lapbook and a mock election - but I think it generated more interest in politics in the children than simply reading books would have done. I want to carefully say this. Once again, I've learned to trust my instincts. We had NO printed curriculum, no pre-paid lapbooks or ideas....

I wanted to participate in some local options. I felt they would be "better" than what we could do at home. When we prayed and looked at our schedule it became apparent that fitting something else in was not an option. What I thought was "second best" turned out to be "first best" for US. We were able to really focus on it, fit it into our schedule....we pursued the various areas of the process that piqued each one's interest (and left others out)....we homeschooled....something that any parent can do regardless of their "primary" educational choice. ::snort:: Thanks again for all who participated in the election. GIANT thanks to those who responded weeks ago with links they'd found and helped me compile that big "election study resources" in the side bar.

NOW - which of you are doing a Thanksgiving, Christmas or Castle list of resources?

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