Monday, July 18, 2016

Dad's Adventure

Late Monday night we got a call and then a flurry of text messages. Dad had been taken to the hospital. His lungs were filling, he couldn't breathe, his chest hurt. He was blue and clammy. He was intubated.  Several nurses and doctors told him he was 2 min from death. We were thankful to be 3 1/2 hours away. We left the trailer and went to Oregon.  It turns out dad had a heart attack, the theory is he aspirated and that turned into pneumonia, and due to his known congestive heart failure, his heart couldn't keep his lungs clear and they filled up.  He was in ICU for several days, then moved to the floor and finally home 7 days after being admitted. 

I chose to spend most my time at the hospital with Mom. She isn't driving due to her seizure the end of July. Dad had a steady stream of visitors and I was able to catch up with many I've known in years past, as well as meet many of their new friends.  It was a blessing to have so much time with Dad and Mom.

Dad and his brother, Galen
G'pa, Krista, Arielle, Stacia, G'ma

Alex, Nolan, G'pa
 We had a sleepover at Grandma's!
Etoy (Folk's pug) isn't 100% sure about sharing with Yuuki

Heather (Sister in law, Nate's wife), Mikhail (their son), the kids and Michael worked wonders at Mom and Dad's. They weeded, trimmed trees, mowed and organized Dad's workshop. 
Nolan & Alex
Sure, it will fit!
Yuuki likes Dad's fish