Monday, March 19, 2018

Springtime in Alaska

Is it rain? It's snow. It's rain. It's big, fat, slushy, drops of snow that splat when they land.  

It's warm enough that snow is falling off the roof again. It used to slide off in big sheets. Now, it splats and splashes like big, squishy cow pies from heaven. Seriously. 

We worked on school, a few projects, took walks, and always snow and ice management. 

Springtime in Alaska

Yes, I called it Spring. I've done a bit of polling among locals. This is what emerges as the consensus. Spring, if you have it in Alaska, is this. March and early April will be full of warm days, freezing nights, periods of melting followed by big storms of wet, slushy snow.  Noticeably absent, as of yet at our place, are tulips, green grass and budding trees. If one wants to have spring - this is it.

Break-up will happen in mid- late April. The nights will get warmer. A cosmic switch is flipped and all of a sudden  mountain snow is melted, water rolls down the roads, yards give way to grass and the weather stays above freezing. I've heard over and over, "They legalized studded tires until May for a reason." There it is! We may have a few more storms in our future.

Summer will come quickly on the heels of Break-up. If we want Spring - this is it it. We are finding the seasons fascinating.