Friday, January 22, 2016

Wake Up Call #WYFF

Old bones like the heat
She's a darling - but oy vey! - she has GI issues. She pukes, she rumbles, emits horrendous gaseous fumes and has the most disgusting looking diarrhea.....we've tried everything. Dry and wet dog food. Prescription - organic dog food....on some of them she'd lose a couple of symptoms for a few months and then they'd all be back.

She's been tested for parasites, a host of diseases and all the "old dog" labs and everything comes back normal.

I make her food now. When I do she doesn't have gas, she usually doesn't have terrible diarrhea and the puking is lessened.  She also has a shiny coat....but the vet doesn't like it. I've tried every dog food they recommend....but she gets all the symptoms....and finally I've decided bloody stools are worse than any vitamin she may miss in the food I make for her. She's happier when I cook for her. She doesn't lose as much weight.  She gets a chicken like stew/mash with a spoonful of pumpkin on top.

And still......she wakes me up at 0430 puking at my doorway. Precious. ::snort:: I've told her I prefer the shaking collar as she tells me she wants a walk over the puking.

Turning this into our #WYFF entry as we totally forgot yesterday. My feet were busy staying dry and warm in the trailer.

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