Sunday, September 03, 2017

Reindeer Farm

We've been wanting to visit the  Reindeer farm, but haven't had the right moment to break away to do so. Visiting the farm was on the H Family's bucket list. The kids, Arielle and I decided to go along.  Before the tour, we visited the chickens and rabbits. 

Arielle, Nolan, Travis, Anakin, Ally, Stacia, Alex 
 We all had food to share as we entered the Reindeer pens. They don't have upper teeth so there wasn't much danger of being bit....but they are big animals and some of them can be a bit aggressive. I chose to take photos rather than feed reindeer. Carl, a large buck, decided to slobber all over my camera lens. ugh.
Ally and Anakin
I was glad Arielle came with us. 
Stacia got comfortable with the experience



 This  baby moose was abandoned in a gravel pit. They are bottle raising it. 

We also saw a herd of elk. I liked this baby the best. 

We took a new road as we left the farm and found another u pick farm we've heard about.