Saturday, April 27, 2013

Luvin Japan ~ Yabusame

You can read more about Yabusame here. In a nutshell this began as archery competitions between Samurai. I think I've only seen women in our local competition...but I may have just missed the men.  In any event I love the imagery of warrior princesses.  The kids and I attended Yabusame in 2010,  but Michael was deployed.  In 2011 and 2012 I was traveling. We were determined to share this festival in 2013. Unfortunately, the photos from our 2010 visit have disappeared from BLOGGER and so I'm really glad we took some more. LOL 

It was WINDY yesterday and many of the competitors and vendors closed up shop early....but still it was fun to see and a very pretty drive. We headed out after Sunday School.

Festival food is always a hit with the kids. The family enjoyed chicken on a stick and bananas on a stick...I enjoyed sweet potatoes in a cup...which would have been quite tasty if they were warm. ::snort:: Not to fear...I supplemented with a satsuma tangerine, baby carrots and a larabar. ::wink:: 

We wandered across the street and found some dancing exhiitions and stuffed animated characters.

Ever been hugged by a burnt marshmallow? 
We took a beautiful detour on our way home...but I'll turn that into another Lovin Japan post before the week is out. ::snort::

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