Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Look Who is Home

 Stacia made it back to the valley around 8:30 or 9:00 this a.m. Millie really IS happy, but she must pout before showing her excitement. 

Allie had arranged her school load, so she had the day off. There were cups of hot drinks, visits, souvenirs....and then...when I had all the "things" done around here, we headed over to the next town. Our library roof collapsed and we've been told they can't simply repair the building. Hoping for plans soon on the way forward, because a community NEEDS a library. ANYWAY, we headed over to the next library where our card is accepted. I had a book on hold that was delivered there. We came away with armloads of books. We usually hit up our local library at least 3 times a week...we don't want to have to drive over so often....BUT before we could find books, we needed to turn our books in. We looked on the way in, at the front desk...no book drop. I finally told them we were refugees from the collapsed library and couldn't find their book drop. She asked if we'd seen the big penguin when we entered.  Ok. 

We got home in time for Allie to head to work. Michael has been busy clearing snow. The snow from our roof falls into the chicken yard. Actually, ON TO the fence and broke it.  It's been quite a climb to get into the chicken yard and then down into the coop....the path in the back was totally gone.... now it's looking civilized again. 

The gate will be able to attach to the near pole and the wall of snow will keep them safe from Millie a bit longer. We'll repair the fence as soon as the snow melts. Michael is also moving snow away from the coop so the girls have a bit more room to free range...they do not like the snow at all. 

Stacia had plans to stay up all day. The afternoon hours got her! LOL Millie was happy to snuggle with her. 

She got up for dinner and went to bed fairly early. She'll be good as new tomorrow. I hope. She and Allie have plans to carry out. LOL 

Grandpa actually says he feels good. I think his case, while nasty looking, is not as bad as others I've heard of. He is on meds which are supposed to lighten the effects of the shingle. He has turned down the Benadryl for itching all afternoon.