Sunday, November 19, 2017

Snowy, Relaxing Sunday

It snowed during the night - or early morning - and it is beautiful. The snow has covered all the tracks from sledding - ready for another day of sledding on fresh snow.

Catching the tire swing in seasons - think this counts for winter 

Our poor topped trees LOL 

We are working through a series on Christian community at church. I am loving it. Visiting with various ones at church leaves us feeling we may "belong" very soon. LOL

We didn't have a family dinner to prep for today, as we had everyone out yesterday. It was nice not to rush home....we enjoyed visiting at church, ate dinner at Fred Myers Food Court, and then did some shopping. I have GOT to remember to shop early for holidays around here. ::snort::  Winter chores greeted  us at home.

Clearing snow from the driveway

Brining in more wood - so thankful for a stocked woodshed

Clearing the deck and stairs

I booked a ticket to go to OR, talked with Mom, and was melancholy. I am aware this is our first season without Mom G....and Mom T is not doing well.  Of course, melancholy leads to baking - I threw things together and came up with something like scones.

Planning our Thanksgiving meal is fun. I asked all for their favorite dishes. It seems much easier to put effort into things people identify as "favorites" - rather than simply fill the kitchen with traditional dishes.

I keep laughing that Jamin's favorite is "Pigs in a Blanket." WHAT? When did I make those? Evidently, I made them decades ago rather regularly for special events.  He will bring the Pigs in a Blanket, and Josiah will make sure  he doesn't eat them all on the 30 min drive out.

Josiah mentioned cheesy MASHED potatoes. I know I always make garlic/cream cheese potatoes for holidays - but I don't remember cheddar on top. Of course, we've cut out cheddar with Michael's meds and my health......but I suspect he's thinking the garlic potatoes with cheddar on top. I hope.

For Bre Sparkling Cider is essential - and she will bring stuffing.

Michael needs a Chocolate Mousse pie and fresh rolls.

Larissa will bring some of her family favorites - recipes from her grandmas - Cherry Pie and Cheesy Noodles.  Jared didn't mention anything.

Arielle was downstairs trying to rest.

Izaak is bringing sweet potatoes.

Cory is providing a ham as his family always had both turkey and ham. He's also making an Apple Pie.

Mom G always brought the cranberries - so I'm attempting that in her memory.

The younger three said all their favorites were already taken.

And....there will be a plethora of one said GREEN BEANS or CORN or SALAD or JELLO.....

It was a lovely Sunday.