Tuesday, December 21, 2010

School Bits

Bladder Bathroom, Saliva Coaster, Liver Gifts, Mouth Caves....we're going to leave it there.  Can you imagine? We set down to discover a "Digestive System Amusement Park."

Bags, jars and bowls of green, growing things.....in my KITCHEN. WHAT IS THIS? Ah - learning how various foods break down in the stomach....um so what is the tooth in a jar of soda for??????

Arielle and Nolan are working through Human Anatomy on their own. I debated about buying the Notebooking Journal. They love it.  I've informed them I want some warning and input when they hit the Reproductive System.

Zander, Stacia and I are working through Zoology 3 - Land Animals. I've not ordered a notebook kit for Zander yet....debating.  It's enough for now to try to get some sort of a routine established as our Oct and Nov were not typical.  Zander and Stacia were thrilled to get Christmas Greetings from Sam - of their phonics program. I couldn't understand all the words.

The Littles and I finished reading, The Hidden Jewel, about Amy Carmichael and Donhaevur Fellowship, by Dave and Neta Jackson. A good book.

Choosing Joy!
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