Monday, January 07, 2013

Bring it On!

We rocked it today! School - not a problem. We read, we laughed, we zipped through some math and lots of Japanese things....Zander realized he KNOWS his Explode the Code and finished this book....the Hobbit built lots of confidence!  I'll have him finish the series but I predict he is done with the last 3 books within two months. 

Michael went in to work. During a staff meeting to plan the upcoming exercise it was realized he'd be working 11 p.m. - 7 a.m. from Wed - infinity and won't get his day he got this afternoon off. It was a surprise to see him home. 

He took a bit of a nap while we finished school. I've agreed Zander can read 30 min a day of Hobbit to me in place of the readers which are boring him to death. I'll check and be sure we're covering the basics but I see no need for him to finish I See Sam. 

After school we headed to Swan Park to sled. Our 4 wheel drive proved its value as  Michael fought to keep moving forward  and on the road (not in a farmer's field). The pick up truck ahead of us was not so successful. 

The spots are our kids

Zander didn't like the flying ice

Zander had a thing for trying new routes

On this hill you gather speed, go over the little mound and end up in an obstacle course of play structures if you don't stop rather quickly. 

Note Arielle's arms covering Nolan's EYES.....

Yep - right under the slide.....

Winter walk to see the swans

On the way home Michael detoured to the ocean. We love the ocean! 

The kids discovered the little ramps were great for sledding.

After dinner, Arielle worked on Chemistry. I prepared  for the kiddos at Bible Study tomorrow, and Michael and the younger three saved yet another houseful of victims in Flash Point.

I tell you we ROCKED it. School done, family time enjoyed, dinner done, ministry prepped and even time for an evening game. We've got this - on Day 1. ::snort:: 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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