Thursday, April 08, 2010

Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are by Alex & Brett Harris

In this "sequel" to Do Hard Things,Alex and Brett show youth how to, well, START doing hard things. They answer questions they've received from teens at their conferences and online forums.

Alex and Brett wrote Start Here, after their Sophomore year in college.

Do Hard Things lays the groundwork for a "rebellion against low expectations" of teenagers. 

This book is full of stories of how God has used young adults in His service. Discussion questions make  this an easy book to work through in a group setting.

If you're looking for an encouraging, faith-building book for your youth to read, this may be the one.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.
Choosing Joy!
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Language Lessons

The kids have been practicing and hearing Nihongo (Japanese) all month. I've been traveling. I'm rusty. I expected to be rusty for tonight's Japanese lesson. I did NOT expect to be the comedy relief.

We had fun talking about all the places I traveled in March. Akiko had to point out that I was pointing to NORTH Korea. ::snort::


Akikosan - De'Ettasan, ashta wa tabimasu ka?  (Or something similar)  (De'Etta what will you feed these kids tomorrow?)

De'Etta - Ashta wa pitsu o tabimasu. (Tomorrow, they'll eat pencils!)

Pitsu (peet su) and Piza (PeetZA)....ah well.

She wrote the symbols for "no agricultural medicine" - ORGANIC for me.

I was on a roll so asked about the house repair that our landlord hasn't taken care of. She told me I need to keep calling them....I still think I'll take the piece of gutter in to make it clear.

I told her that my laundry is blowing, literally, all over the neighborhood... I asked her to write the phrases out for me to ask about getting the bars for my roof like many Japanese homes have or to ask if I could put concrete on my laundry rack. She wanted to see. It HAPPENED to be STANDING with laundry - nice and sedate on my patio. She looked. She smiled. She said, "De'Ettasan....." and I could tell she was trying not to laugh. I beat her to it....."You're going to tell me this isn't a laundry rack?" She told me it's for inside. We had a great laugh imaging what our friendly farmer was thinking as the thing kept blowing over and I chased it - and the laundry - around the yard.

There are much bigger and heavier ones for outside laundry. She told me that it WON'T blow away, and I won't need to tie sand or concrete to it....She says it's heavy.  She told me I'd better take Jared with me to buy it.  THEN she offered to go shopping with me on we will. Another chance to build a bridge.

I told her my Coach bag was, "yasui desu" and she gave me that, "try again look".  I told her I bought it in Korea (it's a knock off) and she understood and laughed. LOL
Akikosan loved the little mirror I got her in Seoul and the snow globe from Detroito.
Choosing Joy!
©2010 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...