Friday, March 18, 2016

#WYFF - Spenceville Wildlife Area

What do you do with a beautiful Friday afternoon when you are done with school and the caboose is clean?  We head to the Spenceville Wildlife Area to geocache and to check on Charlie.

EASY to cache to spot - if you happen to look at the right log.....

Charlie, our transplanted Christmas tree, has survived the winter and is thriving. We were able to find it easily with the geo-coordinates.

Long-term residents TOLD us it  beautiful around here in the spring - when it RAINS.  It hasn't rained the couple of years we've lived here. I'm happy we are here this spring to see the lush, rolling hills.

We all enjoyed our walk. We even happened upon a pile of free wood - they'd replaced a corral. Michael and Nolan are quickly turning it into firewood as I type.
Yuuki's feet perfecting her cattle guard technique

Our feet enjoying the gorgeous day!

Look - another cache! I thought for sure it would be muggled by now. 

I highly approve of THIS addition.....this was just seconds before Stacia

stepped into a giant cow pie. She tried to camouflage it with leaves. We were on to her! 
Icky feet


This cache was full of goodies. We didn't take any - but left a lot. 

It's ironic today's passage in #RSMBibleStudy was about Jesus washing his follower's feet....

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