Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 28 - Missoula to Hardin, MT
12 July 2007

Motorcyle Lotto: Jared won today.

Quote of the Day: “I’m protecting my brain” - says Zander as he plugs his NOSE and dives under. It seems that water can go up your nose, into your brain and YOU WILL DIE!!!!

Ugh - Mike and I are not feeling well...but we have to travel. LOL Few words this evening.....

Visited with Cindy and Emily at a BK off the freeway (this is me with no shower or makeup and sick LOL) Cindy this is becoming "our place".
We're staying at the KOA in Hardin. Wow the stars in MT. I miss them. I cried when we parked here....such a good season of our life was spent here. Our time in Hardin was the only time where I lived in a town with my parents, my uncle and my grams. The kids and I walked to visit grams daily. All the children were home....well the ones that had been was a good season.

Ev had called while we were at BK and wanted to have a potluck. Mike suggested that we keep it low key and that they come over to the KOA. Great. The children played and we visited.

Mom - recognize Grandma Lorraine?
These are our twins ::snort:: They were in our youth group when we were here....and we loved catching up with them and their children
My good friends Cindy and Ev (twins mom)
Sam (Ev's husband)

More could be said, but it's nearing midnight and we have an 0600 pull out call. ::snort::