Sunday, September 03, 2023

Termination Dust

It's officially fall. Termination dust is the first light snowfall on mountain tops at the end of the summer season.  Fall has started...winter is on its way.  Termination dust arrived on the tip-top of our mountain on September 2nd. 

We are working busily to prepare for winter. There is NO WAY we are going to accomplish all we'd hoped to before winter...but that's OK. 

In year's past we dreaded the steady approach of winter. We worked hard to embrace winter last year. Both Stacia and I have commented we are "sorta looking forward" to winter this year. I hope it's not as long as last year...but I AM looking forward to slowing down a bit, dark skies and stars, being able to SLEEP again. 

Carrie and Livie found this mug for me at the State Fair. It's locally made. I love it. I used it this morning in honor of the termination dust on our mountain. 


Winter is a pretty wonderful thing when it brings hot cups of tea and scones. I mean we enjoyed hot drinks and scones all summer with the rain - but with the snow - PERFECTION. LOL 

Any bets when the first snow will arrive?