Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Random February Snippets

 Here are some things which happened in February that I did not blog but don't wish to lose from our journal. 

Jared and Noah logged in excess of 60 miles knocking on doors in their district. Jared is running for State Senate. 

Who could resist that face? 

Jamin invited the sibs over to his new Eagle River apartment. I hear it was a fun time. There are pros and cons to any location, but I know Jamin is happy to be closer to JaRissa and Carrie and the girls. 

Stacia came home one day with all the supplies to paint a pot and plant some basil. She's got a healthy plant under the lights at this point. 

These "warm days" and cool nights mean our driveway turns into a skating rink. Michael spends hours chipping ice, creating ditches for the water to flow, shoveling snow out of the way, scattering snow onto dry places so it can melt.... They say we aren't in true break up yet - but who really knows????

Michael and I have made a point to find time in the schedule to stay connected with friends. Nora (left) now lives way out in the village but was in town for a couple of days. It was great fun to meet up with h er and Yadira for breakfast! 

This is what "spring" looks like around daffodils or tulips in my yard yet. 

Fixing the weather station so we can get accurate wind info from our deck. 

THIS was a highlight of the month. Izaak and Bre were out on a date to celebrate their anniversary. They called to see if we wanted to meet up with them to enjoy some time together just the four of us! 

YES...Ten years of marriage for BreZaak - 40 for us!  It was worth breaking the sugar rule! LOL