Saturday, January 12, 2008


I was up bright and early and at the lab by 7:30. This is all in prep for my big yearly check up on the upcoming Wed.

I hurried to HEB after this to pick up produce. I was there early enough to check for various items I've not been able to find since we quit receiving orders from Shop Natural. Julie called to say that I win the prize for being organized United Group Coordinator. ::snort:: She also told me there is a FULL catalog we can order from and what we had was a partial form. That's nice to hear. Our first group order is in and will arrive sometime on Monday.

Mike and I went to lunch.

Last night was our monthly PWOC project night. I did NOT take pictures (some are shy). I finished two of the three aprons that Krista and I had cut out. I really like one of them a lot. I plan to go buy "something" to stitch around the ties because I don't like the fringe look and I wasn't about to pin all those tiny seams under. LOL

I worked on worksheets for next week's Bible Study workshop session.
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