Sunday, July 24, 2016

Spectacular Sunday

Dad was released to come home on Sunday. It will be several months, according to the doctors, before his strength is back. They are also in the process of evaluating and changing meds for his various ailments...rating the priority of which ones to treat...treatment of one ailment can cause side effects for the heart - it's a jigsaw puzzle.  Us "kids" have realized it is an asset for one of us to understand the drug/medical picture for Mom and Dad. This was the second time we've been at the ER in July with Mom first, and now, Dad. Both times there were many questions about the extensive meds taken. Sherri, Will's wife,  is being informed by doctors and Mom and Dad and is getting up to speed to be our "go to" person for meds for Mom and Dad. We love you Sherri!
I told Dad the next time he wants to have a family reunion, we can go directly to the reunion and skip the ER phase. All three of us kids were home....what a blessing Nate and Heather were in the states and that Will and Sherri live in the same town.
Yes, that is Josiah at the end of the table. He drove down from Seattle on Sunday and back on Monday. He wanted to see Gpa for himself and get a bit of family loving.

We stayed an extra day to help with the transition back to home, and to visit with Josiah. After Dad got settled, we left them to grab some peace and quiet, and went to lunch. Look who I got to see - not nearly enough this trip - but the trip was about Dad. ::gasp:: The sweet outfit is from my friend, Marvie.
Bella appears to love sticking her tongue out at cameras. ::snort:: 

Monday morning we said goodbye to Mom and Dad and Josiah and headed back to our place in the Redwoods.

Group hug