Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Renewed Energy

I am finally feeling NORMAL.  My energy is back. I spent the morning with the boys.  As soon as Arielle left Danny turned to me and said, "Bachan, Hide - SEEK!" Little Buddy was quick to chime in, "Hide, hide, HIDE!" We played hide and seek, read books, talked about their upcoming move....

Little Buddy and Danny are both in training pants this week! They were pretty happy about the turn of events. We made a couple of trips to the bathroom. "Messy, messy." Yep. 

Arielle has packed closets, extra clothes and toys. This week she took the pictures off the walls. Benny's response was priceless, "Mom, don't you think you're being a bit aggressive?"

I had an hour and a half at home between playing with grands and haircuts for Stacia and I. I managed to get a bunch of "kitchen" projects done. I harvested and flavored a new batch of kombucha, brewed tea to get another batch fermenting, made banana/oat "cookies", made sugar free, decaf Hospitality Chai, and made a gallon of cauliflower soup for the week. 

Stacia and GG began working on a puzzle. Benny gave it Stacia for Christmas and she's ready to get it put together and hung on her bedroom wall. This proved to be a great distraction for GG and allowed Michael and I to disappear to work on the upcoming parenting workshop we are facilitating this weekend. 

It was just Stacia, GG, Michael and I for dinner. GG went to bed shortly after dinner. The rest of us settled in to read. 

Hey - look! Someone very loved turns 19 tomorrow!!!!