Friday, July 01, 2011

Farewelling Friends....

This is Susane and family's third assignment in Japan. She arrived the same summer our family arrived. They leave this summer.  Susanne has NEVER gone sea glass hunting. It's a near passion of Twyla's and mine.  Susane served as President the past two years at Misawa's PWOC.  We've traveled together, learned together, grown together, learned each others' strength and's been good.

Susane looked over her scheduled and had one day before she left in which we could take her sea glass hunting. We went to Shipwreck Beach. We took my family and Twyla's kids with us. God gave us a GORGEOUS day....not too hot, no rain.....simply beautiful!

Two years of working closely together (Susane/Prez, me/Titus 2, retreats, Twyla/outreach)....and we realize we've put in the work to say we're good friends. Great fun yesterday, sharing our hearts and looking for sea glass. I'll miss serving alongside these two. 

Bre found some great pieces of sea glass too.

We found lots of sea glass.....and Mike even found another float. He's the champ! 

A few more shots for Bre's camera

Choosing Joy!
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