Saturday, July 28, 2007

Practically Perfect Family Day
Mike had our day planned today. We got up and I went to Curves. He changed the oil in two or three vehicles.

We found a perfectly formed exoskeleton in our front yard.
We had lunch and then we went to the pool.
We chased a storm.
The older two boys worked - different schedules.

We got ready for a busy day of chapel tomorrow....well I guess it won't be busy....we are having a "unity service" - so there will only be one service. We'll have a potluck beforehand. Mike will be preaching. Actually, it will be much less busy than the typical Sunday.

Jared and Mike are out running "The Trail of Tears". This is a running route that Jared has created....we'll see what Mike thinks when he returns.

I'm going to go read through the afternoons SHS mail and then settle down to read.
Friday Highlights:

Produce co-op - how can two little words take up such a major part of a day? Do they communicate the fun, the friendships, the yummy fruit?????

Mike had the day off. We got a call that one of our chaplains was at the ER. For a bit of time it looked like there may be surgery. This led to discussions on the fact that lately one of the staff or family member's seems to end up in the ER on every day off Mike has, therefore, Mike should fore go days off for the foreseeable future. Ch. B turns out not to need surgery and is home with meds and such.

We took the children swimming. Jamin worked last night; Josiah had the night off.

Bre called. Krista and Nicholas have been at high school camp all week. They reported SIX new students interested in starting Master's next year. Bre leaves today for Jr. High camp.

I'd forgotten to prep for pizzas - Jamin's done that so many months. We had to order Papa John's - oh the shame. ::snort::

We watched a netflix movie and an episode of Hogan's Heroes and Red Green.
Summer Reading Challenge Book Giveaway

Congrats to Sheryl, last week's winner. Your book is being mailed today. This week I'm offering two used books. These are easily available at the library, but if you'd like to save yourself a trip to the library or skip the library fines.....request one of these. ::snort::

*The No 1. Ladies' Detective Agency* by Alexander McCall Smith. This is a quick and fun read. For a complete review of this book, click here.

*Midwives* by Chris Bohjalian. I found this book to be interesting, haunting, and thought-provoking. I've reviewed it here.

If you would like to own one of these books post a comment below. Please let me know how to contact you (either a blog link or an email address). I'll select a winner sometime on Wednesday - to be safe comment by Tuesday midnight if you want to be considered.

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