Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday! Wow! Over the Hump!

Quote of the Day: "Eww....why do they always have to kiss?"

School....The youngers and I actually got ahead in many of our subjects. The older boys are on track. I think we're adjusting. I planned on doing hands on things the next couple of days....but um....I made a big mistake. More on that later. ::snort::

I took two boys for haircuts.
Nolan wasn't expecting quite this short - but I love it! Jared's Grumpy Face ::snort::
I helped Jamin start a blog. We're thinking of another one for the kids - or maybe we'll just put more of their writings on HERE, I'm still deciding.

I planned to make 4 meatloaves today - 2 for dinner and 2 for the freezer....but instead we're burning 3 lbs of burgers and I made 3 lbs of breakfast sausage.
The infamous package and Jamin

I swear I don't know where they got the idea to have a war with the peanuts!

OK- the mistake? I had planned to order an Ancient World History Kit. I thought it would combine a few experiments from Egypt, Greece, and Rome; countries we are studying. I bought the kit and two extra student kits. They arrived today. They look fabulous! There are even 3 homeschooling magazines included for FREE. I'm really thrilled with the kit....except I ordered the Ancient Far East kit (China, Japan, Tibet). I think we only spend one or two weeks on those countries this year, and if I remember right they are packed weeks. I was terribly frightened when I saw those three fish. I had some bizare sense that they would KNOW that I wasn't supposed to HAVE ordered them and they'd spoil or explode before we could use them. I really want to recommend Hands and Hearts. Kate has been a cyber friend via the SHS yahoo group for years. She and Jeff are the proud parents of Baby Noah to the right in the side bar. Our service was quick. The kit looks amazing! Fun!!! Jeff called tonight to assure me that the fish were going to be fine. I can send these kits back - but they look great! I don't think I'll order the Egypt kit. Actually we've already done a couple of the activities he mentioned are included in it....shoot if I'd bought THAT kit I would still have wooden spoons. ::snort:: I would like to make a senet board and they have a mummy project in the kit.... BUT I think I'll buy the Greece and Rome kits....I did order the Roman coins.....I guess because they went so well with Ancient Far East in my sleep deprived mind?

I briefly contemplated telling the kids that authentic Egyptians ATE with chopsticks and made fish prints....they just didn't show that in our books. ::snort:: We will briefly touch on China so maybe I can use that part of the kit and save the rest for later. I don't know. Has anyone out there used TOG year 2? Do we cover ancient China, Japan, Tibet etc?

OH - Stacia has twice had a strange reaction when getting dressing on her face. She breaks out in a red rash and welts....once all the way down her neck. Someone on SHS mentioned today that it could MSG. I realized that both times have been when she had store bought dressing. Tonight she had some Ranch - store bought since I'd run out sometime and bought this after our trip.....she turned red all around her mouth and up one side of her face. I checked the ingredients: MSG. The other types of dressing were Honey Mustard and Italian so the common ingredient seems to be MSG. I believe God is going to be sure I'm honest with my crunchy credentials. ::snort::

Dinner is over, clean up has commenced....think I'd best end this.