Thursday, March 11, 2021

Spring Snow

 Yes, we did get snow.  A lot of it.  Krista and Luke made a good call to cancel the ski trip/cabin adventure.  I went out to take Alex to work at 0430 and had to dig the wheels out of the snow.  I made first tracks all the way into town.  I think I officially earned my winter driving cred with this one. Maybe all will quit worrying. I've not gone off the road since Misawa. 

We always get one good last spring snow storm in March - maybe this is it? Maybe this is the last of winter? Maybe spring will really begin in a week?  We got 10 - 12 inches all told out here. There were places in Eagle River that got 20 inches and in Anchorage I hear between 3 - 18 inches. Lots of micro climates in the area. OL 

Today proves the advantages to this design for the wheelchair ramp - the landings are the only spots with snow....

Millie barks to go out, but changes her mind when she sees the deck and feels the cold. LOL 

Unfortunately, if we want to be able to GET OUT of our driveway with a measure of safety others had to go out in the mess. I found slip sliding up the incline exhilarating but Michael thinks it best to clear the driveway. 

And then the tractor/plow got stuck! 

Fun times! 

* Today is the 10th anniversary of the Tohoku Quake and event we lived through, an event which changed us. I really should write more, but I don't have it in me just now.  We have found ourselves drawing inward as the day approached.