Sunday, March 08, 2020

Resurrection Garden Growing

It's growing. We may need to give it a trim soon. 

I MUST go dig in the snow and find a big rock to close our "tombs." Bella reminds me of this each time I see her. It will be fairly easy to grab some twigs to form crosses from our trees....

Paper Adventures

Our paper delivery man has been interesting in the choice of daily placement of the paper. I've had to call numerous times as the paper is simply not present - or has possibly sunk in a snow drift.

He's taken to throwing it down the driveway or leaving it on the snowdrift in front of the box...either is fine.  We never know if we'll find a paper when I go to get it each day.

This morning....two papers! 

Stacia Encounters Dissections

I don't understand it 100%. I remember being squeamish about dissections in high school. All of the girls have been. I didn't expect it with Stacia! 

We're Alaskans now. We process salmon, moose...

Wait! You were there when we gutted and cleaned 65 salmon this are worried about cutting open one worm? 

She recovered like a pro and found it interesting. 

Into the life of each homeschooling Freshman a little biology must enter.