Thursday, August 26, 2021

Thursday of Wedding Week

 By the grace of GOD we were not able to see CoRielle last weekend. If we had, we'd all be close contacts and I don't know HOW we'd be able to host a wedding on Saturday. We've all "known" but it's confirmed, covid is running through CoRielle's home. Benny is the only one not sick and proudly proclaims, "My body is strong. I am fighting the bad guy germs." 

Poor guy told his mom today he wants to go to "Baachans - there's no bad guy germs at HER house." 

We are all sad they will be unable to attend this weekend's wedding.  Carrie's brother is also not going to be able to make it. He has come down with hand, foot and mouth disease. Having seen the photos THAT is something I do NOT want to catch. 

On the wedding "to do" list today is making cupcakes.....I bought supplies, and ran out for more supplies, and ran out again for more supplies...but the cupcakes magically appeared. It's fun to listen and watch Stacia and Allie work in the kitchen.  Stacia likes having an assistant. 

The cupcakes are beautiful. By this evening there were 84 cupcakes ready to be frosted...and we are all guarding them from Millie. 

As is usually the case, we found ourselves in need of a few items...this led to the girls and I heading across to the next town to visit Walmart. When we lived in San Antonio our family began a rather odd practice, THANK YOU BRENDA! When an airplane flies directly over us we stop at DQ for a blizzard. In San Antonio we racked up an incredible number of blizzards and were still collecting on them after we moved on from TX to AK.....up here it's rare again. HOWEVER, we have a small airport in town used for bush planes, sigh seeing tours, and the forestry service. A few weeks ago a plane flew low, directly over us as we drove into town.  

Tonight, ALLIE remembered and suggested we stop at DQ on our way to Walmart. I'm usually ambivalent about DQ stops as one can't go inside, the drive through line can be long, AND I don't eat sugar these days. BUT I had my A1C drawn yesterday....I splurged. 

Not only did we pick up things needed for the wedding, we picked up LOTS of little things to drop off for Danny and Benny. We also found zinc, which CoRielle couldn't find in our town. We dropped off meds and a couple toys on our way home. 

Tomorrow is frosting day, more visitors arrive, and rehearsal.....we're going to have a wedding!