Monday, April 01, 2024

April Fool's Day Dinner

I organized a meal train for CoRielle when Ellie was born. I signed up for a couple of dinners. I picked April 1st and then set about thinking of a fun menu for the boys. 

Michael ran to the store to find gummy worms...and to pick up Dad's meds. I assembled dirt cups...

I baked some brownies and Michael promised to turn them into "steak shapes."  While he was busy carving brownies, I emptied the last bit of ice cream from a carton from a favorite ice cream shop, I cleaned it out and refilled it.  

Brownies and ice cream....
Or is it ice cream? Shhh...I don't know if they've tried it yet...they tend to limit sugars. 

Kristine gave me the idea of starting with dessert first! The boys thought that was a GREAT idea. I made meatloaf in two 6 in cake pans...put sauce in the middle and frosted it all with potatoes. I tried to drizzle the sauce on top. 

We added homemade sourdough dinner rolls and mixed veggies to round out all the sugar. 

Benny had swim lessons until 5:30 so we headed over at 5:30 to deliver the meal. Benny met us in the driveway chattering away about having dived off the DIVING BOARD! I was SO impressed. I hugged him and told him how proud I was of him...and then he sheepishly said..."April Fools." We laughed at how he had "gotten me." 

Benny did comment that my cakes didn't look as good as Stacia's. ::snort:: GG hadn't met Ellie Rae yet and so this was the big meet up. No fears, we supported her little head immediately. 

GG & Ellie

Ellie and Papa

You and me both little gal! 

Arielle reported that Benny thought dinner was hilarious. We were glad to play a part in their April Fool's Day this year. Michael said we've probably started a tradition of pranking Benny. LOL 

Meanwhile this little angel is flying home from FL with her Mommy and sister. We can't wait to hug on them! 
Hey Sweet Josi! 

1. Michael's help with the fun dinner. 
2. Living close enough to prank grandkids!
3. Safe travels for Carrie and the girls.