Thursday, October 04, 2007


I got off to a slow start today. The four little ones were up before I got in a workout. SO....we all got ready and went for a 2 mile walk. I am dreaming of fall....but it was another 90*+ day. LOL

We did school. We baked bread. We ran to the post office. We ran to the bank to cash co-op checks. We watched a Netflix movie called "The Amazing Nile".

Nolan finished his Explode the Code book today. We had a celebratory dinner.

Krista called earlier today. Oops - Krista is on the phone. Blogging is over.

On The Road To Beautiful by Charlie Hall
What We Did on Wednesday? what DID we do on Wednesday?

We did some table school. I worked on phonics with the two boys. They worked on their lap book. They watched movies, jumped on the trampoline, played huge, complicated games with dinosaurs and army men.

I went to Curves. I paid bills. That's about all I did all day.

Wed night I met Gwen, one of my gals whose dh is deployed, for dinner and a movie. She suggested we go see The Game Plan. The boys had gone out Friday with friends to see it and told me that I would enjoy it. I kept saying "the rocket, the refrigerator, the box" was in it - they kept saying, "the rock mom, the rock". I DID enjoy the movie. I laughed, I cried, I put it in my netflix "save" section. ::snort::
More Scenes from Camp - Wednesday

World view camp is different from other camps that youth can attend. There are 26 hours of lectures on understanding your world view and others' world views. There are lectures on leadership. There are sessions where current movie clips are viewed and discussed with an eye to world view. Daily spiritual disciplines are taught and practiced. There are a zillion "team work" activities - sports, zip lines etc. that illustrate a Biblical worldview in practice. They also take a day and commute to Austin, where they share Jesus on campus. It's a very focused week and they are blessed to be sitting under some of the very best authors/lecturers on the topic.
Jared & Jamin have a practice of being up and in the Word every a.m. at 6 - the house is quiet these mornings with them gone. It's fun to see photos of them continuing that practice at camp - nicer setting. LOL
Jamin's witnessing group in Austin - I'm SURE this was stretching for the boys!Jared's group in Austin
Camp IS expensive. Our children have not gone to camps or retreats as the norm. We felt this was a great opportunity for them. World View Academy travels - but their home base is in New Braunfels, (home of the Schlitterbaun) TX. They put on an annual fall event for homeschoolers. We had hoped the boys would attend and were thrilled when they caught the vision and earned the money themselves. The camps are for 13 - 18 year olds. Jared is young to attend - 13....but we knew his maturity level could handle it, and we aren't sure if we'll be here in future years. He wanted to go badly. He sure worked his tail off to make it. ::snort:: We wish that the older three could have attended but the ages were never "right" when we've been in TX.
Some have asked about the photos. They take a lot of photos everyday. They are of all the campers....I am simply saving the ones of the boys from the website. I love this aspect of camp - makes us feel a small part of their experience.