Thursday, September 17, 2009


OK - we have Skype now. I used my name. If you know my name, feel free to add me to your contacts. ::snort:: Nate....I can't find you but I found Heather's old stateside one. Are you listed in MO or Japan? There is NO ONE in the computer room, Mike tested the sound, we're dying to try this out and none of you are online. ::snort::

Let's see what else did I do? I attended a PWOC related meeting. I sent in my registration for Hawaii. I played with the young ones on the playground. I met a new lady there who had a ton of fun info for me about Japan. We made cookies. We went on a long walk.

I bought stuff for tomorrow's Onsen Adventure.

Still waiting for Skype to ring. ::snort::

Rodney and Windy went over to see their home today. They were told by Koishi that it is o.k. to go inside when the workers are there. They did. They also went inside ours and said that it looks nearly done. We're going to go look tomorrow. I'm really going to have a home...soon...honestly. THEN what will I write about? ::snort::

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