Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gherkins In the House

By 08:00 we had the room packed, the children showered and were heading to breakfast and to pack the car. 
Very full suitcase
We zipped over and traded a couple of boys for a couple of girls and headed to the school showing of San Angelo Broadway Academy's  "The King and I." I cried when they sang "Getting to Know You" - reminded me of Japan. ::snort:: It was fun to see so many familiar faces. 

After picking up our boys, we drove to base and tried to check in to our new rooms.  It turned into a very frustrating experience....but we are now settled. Stacia wanted her photos with this frog. 

Josiah and Jamin met us for dinner.  We were amazed at the welcome we got as we walked in Burger King. Wow - they remembered us....remembered our kids....remembered we were in Japan. It was quite fun.  There was enough time for us to run through the commissary for breakfast foods. 

At the airport we played various games and visited while we waited.....and waited. 

They began to come through security......the excitement grew....the camera wasn't quick enough to catch most of the photos.

Steve was at the airport!

What does it take to get all the Gherkins in one room?

Five space A flights from Misawa to Seattle, three rental cars, two rides to Portland, seven domestic flights, two rides to Hachinohe, four train rides, two international flights from Tokyo to San Angelo, and ONE COLLEGE GRADUATE!

9 Gherkins and a Dad at the airport

Group Hug

Poor Stacia dissolved in tears - a bit overwhelming to be the baby when all of us get together. LOL All is well now, though. We'll have to make sure we save her a seat and don't get to loud all at once. 

Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
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