Thursday, May 05, 2022

Millie is TWO!

 Yes, Cinco de Mayo is Millie's birthday. She is 2 years old today. No longer a puppy. Of course we bought here a few treats. She got a tug of war rope, a Mr. Bill toy that says, "Oh no" - I didn't realize it would do that, and a football. 

Here we discover Millie growls if you hug her. She wags her tail and wiggles - but she growls. 

Stacia was a bit worried Mr. Bill would be destroyed in the first night. 

Millie didn't want her toy until Grandpa wanted it. Then she desperately needed to protect it. 

In other news, Michael finally had his sore tooth extracted in Anchorage. We drove up to Anchorage, I drove back and he slept the whole way home. I dropped him off and headed to Freddies for his meds. They told me the wait would be an hour, so I took care of grocery shopping while I waited. 

Allie had an engagement for a couple of hours this afternoon and I read/slept in the car. LOL