Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Bachan Needs to Bring Her A Game

 Oy vey! Bachan needs to bring her A game when she comes to play at CoRielle's. ::snort:: I love that we ALWAYS begins with drinks and then our exercise - which is really "chase games" on YouTube. 

Little Buddy, Danny & Benny

It's darling that they haven't figured out you ALWAYS win these races...tricky videos, coach! I love Tuesday's workout. 

Today was a bit of a challenge as both Danny and Little Buddy were checking out all the boundaries. 

"Walk away Danny." 

"Walk away Little Buddy." 

"Make a better choice Little Buddy." 

In the end I pulled out all my Mommy tricks to ensure we could continue to have fun, but I could keep the 2 2 year Olds in check.... I collected a variety stuff and moved it all to the top of the fridge. Bowl of remotes anyone? 

And then there was the discussion with Benny. "Bachan - what does your schedule look like?" 

Oh, oh. I knew I was falling down on the job. I always take the grands out for a date...we eat, we shop, we wrap gifts and I take them back home. I even bought crafts to do at our house this after shopping.  I knew BreZaak's kids wouldn't be able to this year...and then we lost the three weeks in December....so I plan to take Liv and Benny and the boys out in January. Benny is politely honest. 

"Why, Benny?" 

"Do you have time for a shopping date with me?" 

"Can we do it after Christmas?" 

"I think before Christmas." 

Bachan needs to bring her A game. LOL We have a plan. The girls are going out with Arielle on Friday morning, Cory will be home with the twos, and I am going to take Benny out - before Christmas. 

This afternoon was co-op. I picked up two new things to try from the extra table.... limequats and rambutan. Limequats taste like little lemons. Good stuff.  Rambutans? 

These are interesting little fruit.  First discovery - one does NOT eat the skin. Second discovery - it takes like a big, peeled grape. 

My final discovery of the day? I need to be more mindful when buying bulk herbs.  A pound of bay leaves is a lot of bay leaves! And I think my vacuum sealer will crush them. 

Bay leaves anyone?