Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer Reading Challenge Giveaway

Sheryl has won a copy of *The Cost of Discipleship*. Watch on Saturday for a new giveaway!
Scenes from our Evening Walk

I LOVE W TX evenings!
I fell into these cacti right after taking the photo! OUCH!!! DOUBLE OUCH even!
Dad's Night

I noticed that we were all dragging this a.m. I looked around at 10:00 a.m. and I was still in my workout clothes and all children were still in p.j.s.

I commented, "We must ALL be tired this a.m. We're lazy."

I immediately was checked in my heart and followed up with, "Poor Dad, he must be tired too but he doesn't get the chance to stay home and spend the morning in his pjs. " We set about to make TONIGHT Dad's Night. I called and asked what his favorite dinner was. He said manicotti. This surprised me. It's one of my easy meals. I've not made it often in the past year because I can't find whole grain manicotti shells or even jumbo shells....but I made it tonight. I could tell Mike wondered what was up.

Later we called and asked if he'd rather: 1. watch Red Green on the small screen, 2. watch Red Green with the movie projector, 3. Read a book or 4. something else. He said he'd like to put his feet up. That's easy.

Armed with this info we planned. We bought a bouquet.
When he got home, he put his feet up with the newspaper and Gatoraide (not a regular around here these days).
We found a card that said, "Wow - they don't even make cards for occasions like this". We all wrote notes of appreciation for his hard work that makes it possible for us to live on one income, for me to stay home and school the children, for us to buy treats etc.
We ate his meal - complete with manicotti and watermelon. I continue to be the world's worst watermelon picker but I get an A+ for trying. ::snort::

He napped while we cleaned up - and enjoyed his whoppers (a non-FG favorite that is rare these days).
Then he suggested a walk. Cool - I'll post photos from the walk later.

Back at home Mike played Rag Time.....
Which always leads to dancing!
We ate ice cream and called it a day. We were all reminded once again what a blessing and a gift it is to have a godly husband/father.

P.S. Lest you think we are one of those "perfect" families, Mike admitted to thinking for a split second, when asked about his favorite dinner and then his choice of activity, that we were going to make a big push to keep kitty tonight. When he mentioned that, I asked if I'd ever done that before...he laughed and said it only took a second for him to tell himself, "No - if De'Etta wants to push for the kitty she'll just push without the big dinner. " ::snort:: I promised him years ago that I would try not to manipulate him. He requested that instead of manipulating him I speak my mind and skip the games...and I've tried to live up to that request. ::snort::
Our Kitty Has a New Home

Our kitty is living out in the country with lots of other kitties and horses. Sarah came and picked her up today. When she saw it she said, "Wow - it is tiny!" I was sad and teared up, but it is really for the best. I'm glad that we were able to find a home for him and didn't have to take him to the animal shelter. He was fairly nearly feral when we rescued him (which took 2

days) but surprised everyone by eating, playing, and purring. Beatrix is very happy to have him gone. She's been pouting with her tail between her legs the past few days. She can't HEAR or SEE a cat but she sure did smell one! ::snort::