Friday, May 28, 2010


This has been a tough week. I realize that I've really been pushing with trips, goodbyes, SCHOOL, and retreat prep, since late Feb.  The weather is gloomy and I have been struggling not to join it. ::snort::  Nothing terrible; it's simply hard to be a single parent to five children....

One recurring sad point is our Friday Fatherless Family Night.  We've tried to KEEP our routines...but things are different anyway. ::snort:: Tonight we took steps to ward off the blues. We invited several families over for frozen pizza and Tim Hawkins. The laughter is just what we needed.  The pizzas took much longer than I expected to cook.  We always use the same commissary clerk. She laughed when she saw the stack of frozen pizzas....and I told her "Party"...."mmmm....Hai.....ParTee." Then she saw the milk....."Pitza and milk party?" ::snort::

We've not been using the "free passport" that the base issues for fun things to deployed spouses. We get a new one each month, so I decided to see how many we could use in the next couple of days. We ordered two gifts for Michael - $65 vale, received a free system check on the Nissan (they fixed the squealing AC belt for free) and got a free $25 balloon bouquet. The "welcome" was in honor of tonight's guests.

I let the children pick out the extra balloons. It made me smile to see the confusion on the clerks face when she handed me the bouquet....

It's nearly midnight - time to go to bed.
Choosing Joy!
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