Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Our First Boondocking Experience (Jordan Creek Rest Area)

We told the kids this morning, Michael was trying to pick up meds and if he was successful, we were going to hit the road. Stacia's first question was, "Are we taking the trailer this time?"

Driving is slower and a bit more stressful when we drag the Caboose - but it is WAY nicer on the packing, unpacking and sleeping side of things. She was relieved our home was coming with us this time.

Yuuki is more than happy to take her turn behind the wheel

Our plan was to stop at a Truck stop outside of Medford, OR. We kept on driving. We drove until the gas light came on, and then we coasted 7 miles into Seven Feathers to get some gas. Michael estimates we had about 1/2 a gal left when he filled up.

 Our next thought was we'd get dinner and stay at the Seven Feathers Truck Stop....but up the road from the Truck Stop we noted Jordan Creek REST AREA - not an overflow parking lot - a REST AREA.  The view is pretty. It's FREE. Look for exit 99. It's up above the Truck stop and I-5, the parking spots are wide - we put up our slide and still had plenty of room. It's well-maintained and quite pretty.

Dinner @ a picnic table in the rest area

Covered gazebo and to the right are the bathrooms

Cars on one side and trucks and RVs on the other - we will be out before we hit the 12 hour mark

We are second from the left 

Fenced pet area

If one wanted to visit the casino it's the clump of buildings to the middle/right

This is a great spot to stop for the night if you are traveling through. We're happy with the find. It's quieter than the truck stop, much darker too....HOWEVER, there are light posts everywhere, the bathrooms are clean and lit, the grounds are manicured....and I wouldn't say it's the "quiet hours" of an RV park.....but it's much quieter than Flying J....and much more comfortable to sleep in the trailer than in the van. ::snort:: 

SCORE for boondocking. We've slept in driveways, we've slept in the van in truck stops, state parks, military fam camps, RV resorts, and RV parks,  but this is our very first time to boondock in the Caboose. SCORE.  We are well aware this is more like urban boondocking - but it is dry camping and free. 

Glimpses of our Pit Stop

Here are a few glimpses from our quick Pit Stop at  Beale Fam Camp and surrounding areas. It wasn't nearly long enough. We picked up Michael's Parkinson's meds this a.m., they promise they are mailing all the kids and my med records and we're done with all we need to do here. 
See the friend outside our trailer window

Mike, the camp host, made her day when he noticed she is now taller than me. But, she still climbs trees - I don't very often. 

Games, reading and sleeping filled our hours

No visit to the Beale area is complete without connecting with Matt and Rachel and their kids. I feel like I should write a braggy "mommy post" on Matt and Rachel - but I'll refrain - for today. In any event, big changes coming for this dear family and we were happy to connect again. We plan to come back in June for Matt's separation of service as an enlisted Airman, and then commissioning as an officer/Chaplain! We are so excited for them.  I love all these kids - but I'm Gemma to Joy and I'm sure I am to Ellie too - the boys are old enough to realize I am not a REAL GRANDMA. ::snort::
Look how Ellie has grown! 
 We miss this gal already. Such sweet smiles and tears....
Joy and Stacia

We kept trying and trying to catch up with Desiree and Jerry and kids. They are in the MIDDLE of packers invading their home. This morning we just ran over for a quick chat and hug as we knew they won't be here when we are through again.

It was a special treat to connect with Chelsea and Rosie this morning for a few minutes.....and then the trailer was hitched and ready for travel. We are currently in Yreka, CA....heading to OR for VA appointments and the weekend.