Friday, August 01, 2008


Please pray for Josiah (19 yo). Tonight was a hard night at peer with a brother dying of cancer and one that had to be fired. Pray for Josiah's witness and for God to be glorified. There is a chance that Josiah will not be able to go on vacation with us due to these situations at work. Please pray. I know it's not earth-shattering but we'd love to have him there and he'd love to be there.

Now....a summary of the day......

I crossed 12 items off the list.

We cleaned paint off pillars, patios, carpets, children and dogs.

Jamin made his homemade pizza for dinner.

I found out that Jared needs $100 more than we had calculated. God will provide work. I know He will. In fact, he has been asked to take out a rock thing in someones yard when we get back. It will come together.

Mike worked all day (this is his day "off")....I worked all day.

I put in all the titles I need for the first unit of next year and it came to $744...this is NOT paying for the syllabus....and we decided to combine Zander and Nolan on many topics next year so that saved a level of books.....I'm going to take the list and go through the library catalog tomorrow....then I'll scrutinize it again....for instance do we need an art book on the middle ages for EACH level...or would one work for all....does each level need a church history book etc. Mike looked at all the books around here and said, "I would think at some point we'd have all the books we need for a school year." The thing is I DID have a lot of the books on the list. ::snort::

I called Sprint. The official stance from the highest supervisor I could talk to is, "if you call and request the discount we will give it to you." BUT it doesn't matter that she told us we'd have it - we have to call and request it or they have "no proof of your military status". Um.....when I talked to them on the phone the did NOT ask for any additional proof, they DID see our ID etc at the kiosk and Mike LOOKS military....not many men his age walking around with a buzz like this unless they are in the military. ANYway....Mike filed a complaint with BB and I have contact info for the corporate office. I think they need to train the locals better.

I'm off to's nearly mid-night. Whatever isn't done can wait until tomorrow.

OH - do you know what this means?
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Unexpected Interruptions

I'm partially to blame for this. I've been inattentive. THIS is what happens when I get focused on "the list". THIS is one or two big reasons why I seem to be spinning my wheels.
No one was hurt.....

Zander and Stacia painted....ugh.

We have been talking about Jared painting the neighbors fence. ::sigh::

What a sick feeling....I wasn't sure ti would clean up. (Jared wants to be 100% sure all readers know HE didn't paint that fence - it the dynamic duo). We got most of it cleaned up.....and I found that my parenting style has really changed. There was a time when I would have had a meltdown....but it's really much easier to mentor when you know that a natural consequence will follow the deed....why fret...get out the towels....

Zander will think twice before doing this again. I'm not sure about Stacia...she was having way too much fun.
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Does it really matter????

What do you think? Is the purple text hard to read on my blog? You can see it in the sidebar. I like the way the purple LOOKS but is it easier to read black????

OK - this PROVES I'm an obsessive blogger...this would bug me enough on a busy day that I would have to check. LOL

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THIS time I shouldn't receive any calls from the Red Cross saying they've misplaced my daughters.....

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