Saturday, March 16, 2024

March Family Celebration

 We gathered this afternoon to celebrate Kaelyn, GG, and Cory's birthday. Ellie got an honorable mention as we're quite sure she will arrive in March! We also celebrated Carrie's completion of her bachelor's in nursing (so proud of her!). 

(Livie) Corry & GG 

The moment CoRielle arrived these two 3-year-olds began to clean. They love to help clean.

I love their matching Dino sweatshirts - gifted to them by a sweet lady at Farm Loop. 

JaRissa and Noah weren't able to make it today - Larissa and Noah are ill.  Izaak was swamped with homework.  Everyone else was here at some point in the day...and it was great fun. 

Carrie and Jenni - LOVE these girls! 

Jamin and Josi

Ellie will arrive this month!

Benny loved the birthing ball. 

Jenni and Livie having a joke off competition.


A sure sign the gang is all here!

Krista and Josi

Great discussions were had around the table...around the kitchen island...and in the living room too. 

Carrie, Stacia and Jojo

This is NOT their baby! Cory, Arielle & Josi

Michael made two ice cream cakes this month. This is a new style, and it was a hit! He also made a death by chocolate one in the traditional cheesecake pan. 

Preparing to sing...

More games

Josi is such a good little gal! Everyone loves to get baby snuggles...and soon Josi will have Ellie to help her with the job! LOL 
Jenni, Jamin and Josi 📷by Carrie

All this and a backrub too! What can I say? I'm living the life! 
Jenni has the right touch! 📷by Carrie

Stacia, Liv and Carrie 📷by Carrie

At some point in the early evening Alex and then families began to leave. Annie was mesmerized by Josi. She followed her around much of the evening, and even carried the diaper bag out to the car for Carrie when it was time for Carrie and the girls to leave. 
Such sweet girls! 📷by Carrie

Nolan, Jamin and Jenni stayed, and we visited. Nolan left and we continued visiting. At some point we all realized it was Saturday evening and we broke up the party. 

It was good to be together as a big group today!