Monday, July 23, 2007

Marvelous Monday....

I hopped out of bed bright and early and made it to Curves. I will hit 50 workouts this week. I really want a t-shirt....we have to do 100 workouts for a t-shirt. I'm so very tempted to buy some on ebay! ::snort::

I got home, showered, and welcomed Charly and two of her children to our house. Charly's dh was having his change of command ceremony on base. This means that there is a new man taking his command and Michael and Charly have officially left our base. ::sigh:: It WAS nice to see Charly again.
While we played, Jamin and Josiah continued trying to catch the elusive kitty. We are really trying to find a home for this sweetie.
Jamin had to work this evening. He spent the day printing out Guild Assignments for me.....they are "graded" - I just need them for his portfolio. Yes, I'm now working on his. NARS calls Aug 31st the last day of our school year.....and we have until Dec 31st to get this year's portfolio in - but I hate starting a new year until the old year is mailed! ::snort::
I cleaned the fridge and freezer (OH LISA - ANOTHER SUMMER CLEAN UP ACCOMPLISHMENT! LOL).....
We went shopping for a lap top - and ::drum roll::: I bought the Cannon Power Shot s1000 - I used Tricia's and liked it....we shall see. I have 14 days to see if it will work for a point and click. I'm wonder WHY we need a face detection mode. I figure if you can't detect a face, you probably shouldn't be trying to take photos. ::snort:: Nonetheless, we dutifully tried it detected a face! ::snort:: What mode do y'all leave it on? Auto or kids/pets?????
Graduation Gift

After 3 frustrating sales cycles, we finally bought a laptop for Josiah today. We began buying the children a lap top when they graduated because we didn't want to give them our desk, that's not it....we knew they would need them. ::snort::
Best Buy evidently puts fantastic sales on - and then only send 7 to each store. Ah well - today we got a lap top. It seems to be having trouble booting up - and I'm probably sunk. They wanted me to pay $159 for them to take off the junk that was on there, boot it up the first time, and load virus software on it. I declined.
Mike has plans of converting our home computers to wireless. We have to buy another MS Office as we now have 5 computer - the two laptops still have the trial stuff on them.
Summer Clean UP Challenge Update....

Lisa is hosting a summer clean up challenge. This has been the perfect challenge for me. I had plan to organize some trouble spots this summer and her challenge makes me smile while I work.
I finished the filing...though I've decided to turn another drawer used for storage into a school file and will need to get that set up this week. I DO believe I filed Deja's Baby Shower card somewhere in all this.....

I hadn't planned on it, but today I tackled Arielle's room. Since our trip Stacia has taken to sleeping with Arielle - they share a bed in the trailer. She no longer wants me to rock her to sleep ::gasp::, she wants to cuddle with Arielle.....but this is crowded. I was thinking last night at 3 a.m. that maybe we should look for a double bed for Arielle's room. This a.m. I walked in and remembered that her bed is a trundle bed. We pulled the trundle out.....and then put away all the stuff that was under the bed.....Oy VEY!
We made the beds and pushed them together....a nice big bed for sleeping....Arielle wasn't so sure at first, but now she's liking it. We took the toddler bed down. The boys put it in the attic. Arielle and I hung some butterflies and a "doll" on the wall that Mom had given her. Most are from the Philippines. There was one butterfly from her Great Grandmother's. I had painted her walls when we moved in to look like the sky...the border has flowers and butterflies....
This doll's body makes into a skirt - I got a kick out of the baseball hats on it. LOL

I really need this challenge to continue another month....I still haven't gotten to the school closet...but Mike commented tonight that he can tell I've been cleaning....::Snort:: The problem is that I'm woefully behind on the reading challenge.....
I have a Kitty!!!
Ok - not really but sort of. Mike made it very clear before we even got married that he dislikes cats and our home wouldnt' have one....but this one found US.

Evidently he was dropped off in our ally. He's darling. He chose the motor of Mike's honda for his first home. We couldnt' convince him to let us help him. We left the hood open and he escaped to our wood pile. Again, we couldn't get him. We left water out last night and hoped for the best. This a.m. he was still meowing. Josiah and Jamin dismanted the wood pile and couldn't find him. They pounded around in the shed and he wouldn't leave. They finally got out the air compressor and that convinced him to abandon his hiding place. Jamin caught him. We are now trying to calm him down, give him milk and tuna...and find a home.

I know - silly - but I really want to find a home for him. The Animal Shelter will take him but they won't guarantee that they'll put him up for adoption. We've sent out emails, and are taking flyers out today in case someone lost a kitty and forgot to come searching for it????

I'd love to keep him, but I really can't. I'd rather keep Mike. Please pray with the children and I that someone will fall in love with this kitten.