Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Thursday Successfully Executed

First a was 33* this a.m. when I got in the car to go workout. It has been in the 30's most the day. This is COLD for down here....mainly because we don't have winter gear. ::snort:: I have been thinking all day how dreadfully cold it must be for friends in VT, NH, SD, NE, OH, NY, ME (Lisa - is that MAINE?). ::snort::

I was a bit late getting to the gym so only fit a 45 min workout in...but I showed up.

We got 90% of my plan done in school this a.m.

I went out to lunch with Amy. I met Amy at our local Rehab (speech therapy). We have a mutual friend and she had been reading this blog. She put the name together with the faces one day at Rehab. ::snort:: Amy was gracious to answer many of my Weight Watcher questions. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing with FOOD. More about that some other time. I had a great time Amy. BTW I did a search for points of Tortilla Soup and it said 8 - I should have had the potato! ::snort::

Jamin was able to drive he and Jared to House of Faith today. I love the ease of having another driver in the house.

We had piano lessons. I worked on projects during this time.

Jared had a basketball game tonight. They won. He made baskets. I yelled - but not REAL loud's easier to yell loud when you aren't winning by 47 -8. I was so impressed with the tenacity of the team they played. Ummm....can you tell I like to root for the underdog? ::snort::

All but Jared are in bed. Mike will be home Saturday.

I've fallen down on my photographic duty - not one photo today.

WAIT - I did find one.....cute SACHSA Saint fans

Well.....this new routine has forced me to SET THE ALARM - something I've not done for years. I'm getting up earlier and earlier until I hit on a time that allows me an hour Tryst with Jesus, an hour to work out, time to fix and eat breakfast with the kids, shower and start school by 9:00 a.m. We don't really LIKE time schedules around here....but it's what I have to do until the routine is second nature.

All that to say that I'm TIRED and I'm going to go to bed, read a bit and fall asleep to the sounds of Red Green....not quite as great as Mike's snoring but a close second. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

Valentine's Day - ALREADY?

Yes, it is way too early for this template. The Cutest Blog ladies are still having server problems and I'm ready for a bit more bling. I have learned to save the widgets before updating from here on out. ::snort::

They loaded a few templates on their blog and this one will work. I don't want incredibly busy, I like a simple middle area (so you can read it easier), I like 3-D elements, and having dealt with the blue this past week I discovered I like the darker colors to make the photos pop....but I personally like a brown/tan/damask one on their blog better - just doesn't look as nice with the photos. LOL

All that to say that I've not really joined corporate America's rush to the next holiday. ::snort::

Now off to a basketball game. While I was praying about it this a.m. the dish drainer strangely fell off the counter causing a huge clang. The kids are trying to figure out if God was upset that I was praying about something so "frivolous" or if it is a bad omen. I'll update you later. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.