Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall Nature Walk & Craft

Fall is closing in upon us here in Extreme Northern California (as opposed to the area from the Bay to Sacramento). We've begun school.  We have two high school students and one middle school student this year. How did THAT happen? All of them can read.  

Our "peopler" - Stacia - is falling into some new routines. She craves interaction; I sit and do history, science and lit with her most days. She is great at getting it all done independently when I'm running someone to a doctor or appointment. 

She spends the afternoon baking, she and I play a bit of basketball or go on  walks. We are working on carving out one or two afternoons a week for her to go over to Mom G's. They both miss that time together. We usually aren't done with school until 2:30 or 3:00 p.m. and by the time I run her over (bridge is still being constructed - long waits) and back it is cutting into dinner prep time. We are going to double up some days so she has freer time on at least one day of the week.....we'll keep playing with our responsibilities here and our responsibilities outside of the trailer as well. 

Today, the sun was bright and we enjoyed a nice nature hike. I showed Stacia the mountain above our RV Park. I don't think the boys have been up there yet. We took a little basket and she picked up various things to make a "fall craft." 

Our treasures

 I wasn't sure of her vision - but this looked positive....

A lovely fall centerpiece! 

I do LOVE the colors of fall. We spent quite a few years in locations that either had hot and HOTTER seasons (TX)  or cold and COLDER seasons (AK, Northern Japan) and the riot of colors is a joy this year. I'm storing up memories as I know fall is fleeting in Alaska and our hearts are wandering up the AlCan.

*Peopler is a term Stacia created to describe herself - it fits extroverts well. LOL 

Bella and Bre Visit Josiah

Doesn't this look like a fun children's ministry team? Bre - back holding Bella - took her team to Seattle for an "Orange" conference. Maybe it has a different name....

Among the benefits of the trip, was Uncle Cy getting to spend time with Bella. Bella is  5 months here. 

In an ironic twist, Josiah's Chick Fil A team made the meals for the conference....