Monday, May 10, 2010

Whew - Monday

Stacia has a virus that is manifesting as pink eye and an ear infection. I suspect she caught it from Arielle who had a sore throat about 5 days ago. The doc said it will manifest in those 3 places.

They didn't give us meds for the ear infection - ibuprofen. They DID give us meds for her eyes. She hates it. I know it hurts.

Tonight, as we struggled, I called for Jared or Arielle to help me. She said, "I want Arielle." Arielle held her hands.....she then sobbed, "I want KRISTA!" ::snort::  Poor thing.

She is a mess. I've been washing sheets, pillows, blankets, spraying mattresses, washing walls, door knobs, light switches, flat surfaces, spraying couches etc. Trying to keep anyone else from getting this.

The kids had piano today. Stacia was up until 2 a.m. and she and I both fell asleep during the lessons. I don't even remember saying goodbye to Christine. What in the WORLD?

Had an impromptu retreat planning session this evening...details are coming together nicely.

I'm tired - going to try to sleep - must make my bed first come to think of it. LOL

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