Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We've Landed

Keeping in mind the 12 hour rule of parking at the rest area, we got up early and headed down the highway. NOT before Michael hiked to the truck stop and brought back doughnuts for breakfast. I'm not sure why, but this is the one truck stop we've hit where we grab a doughnut each time we pass through. LOL
A Caboose sandwich

We arrived before the campground would like us check we toured the city....dragging the Caboose adds a touch of adventure to any drive.  Eventually, we converged on mom and dad - they'd been busy in the morning. CoRielle (they like this name best, as do we) joined us. We managed to get a game of Farkle in before it was time to head to the campground.

 We had just enough time to set up and grab showers (a luxury not available at a rest stop) before Krista showed up. Wow - someone tail ended her and her car is a mess! We drove across town to pick up our mail and discovered a packet of paperwork Michael needed to fill out before tomorrow's VA appointments.

The kids and I went on a walk. We love the river trails along the McKenzie. 
Isn't this how every walks? 

Stacia took this - eagerly waiting for blackberries at the campgrounds

A face in the tree

A Vet in his natural habitat

We ended the night with Bocce ball

We didn't expect to be here the next few days, but we are always happy to visit family! LOL Alas, Bre and Bella were busy with appointments and Awana award night - but we'll catch up with them soon.