Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm here. The drive along the Han river at night was beautiful.

There are lit up red crosses on all the churches. I was told this is because they are "sanctuaries" in any bombing raids. (That'll preach!) It was inspiring to see so many lit up red crosses along the drive.

My room is nice. I'm excited to be here. I slept most the day - off and on. I discovered that there is a snobby lounge at the Tokyo airport....but there is also a public lounge with CNN...recliners and such. I slept.

It was surreal to hear safety messages in Korean and read Japanese subtitles......but I think I have the message memorized so I wasn't too worried.

First meeting is tomorrow at 9:15 a.m. Hard to believe I'm here....Korea! Wow. I'm humbled and honored and looking forward to exploring a bit.....not sure of the logistics of that....guess I better see about getting into the "system" so that I can get back on base once I get off base. ::snort::
Choosing Joy!
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