Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We seem to be back into the "fall swing" - sort of. Our school books are still not here - but we had such a "short" summer that we are combining our "rolling start of school" (in other words we only took a break while in the states anyway) with late afternoon trips to the beach etc. 

Monday morning found me racing out of the house for a MOPS steering meeting. I've still not updated my calendar with all the new meeting times et al - and barely remembered this one. I really LOVE the MOPS theme this year. I won't share now - because our first MOPS meeting is coming up shortly - and I bet Carrie will reveal it. 

Monday afternoon I had a couple of PWOC meetings....and took care of some International Conference tidbits....mainly found a ticket from Tokyo to Nashville which will work with my need to have 24 hour travel days instead of 36 - 48 hour days. LOL  PWOC International Conference will be Nashville, TN this year. Mary Kassian  (Girls Gone Wise) will speak, Laura Story will lead worship....God will be welcomed to be in and through all. 
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This morning began with a regional Skype Prayer meeting at 06:30. It's always a joy to connect with our board and to pray for the ladies in Japan and Guam. I am constantly reminded that each of these women are direct answers to prayer in my life. 

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Today was the first Bible study of the local PWOC year. We had a great turn out with lots of new ladies. This year's board did a great job! We had a few last minute changes and our leadership team flexed like pros - semper gumby!!! continues to be my personal motto.  I chose to attend the group which will be digging into I Timothy - no curriculum...just 12 women, the word and a few tools Becky will share with us along the way. It promises to be fun. I heard good things about each of the other groups as well. 

I attended a meeting after PWOC...ran to the BX....then....
She took Liz' tip about the Ziploc bag

Stacia loves her brothers

Today's fun conversation with Stacia: 

Stacia: Mom I need a new swim suit. 

Me: OK. 

Stacia: Really, Mom can I get any type I want?

Me: (Hmmm.....be careful, think before answering!) What kind do you want? 

Stacia: A swimsuit with a hole in it? 

Me: Huh? 

Stacia: You know - a swimsuit with a hole in the tummy. 

Me: A bikini - no, you may not have a bikini. What other kind would you like? 

Stacia: One of those with the long sleeves and skirts? 

Me: Wild laughter......I don't think she quite knows what she wants yet. LOL We talked. 

Well, Michael left at 06:30 this a.m. It's nearing 20:00 now and I don't see him. I think I'll turn off the computer and go read. The kids are down....this fall schedule can be a killer the first week or two, can't it? ::grin:: 

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