Friday, March 26, 2021

Girls Day Out

Christmas 2019 - I decided, rather than a bunch of "stuff," I wanted to gift the girls with time...a fun activity we would do together. I gifted them a trip to The Art Cafe and breakfast.

Almost immediately I realized the challenge it would be to get all the girls together...Covid hit along with voluntary lock downs, mandatory lock downs and quarantines. The Art Cafe closed down, their hours are limited now.  Everyone is busy, New babies arrived. Krista will be moving from the valley to JBER next isn't going to get easier. 

Friday morning Michael got up with Grandpa, and the girls, along with Benny and Danny, caught breakfast at Sunrise Grill. They make a great omelet...the girls chose Sunrise over you artsy fartsy options.  Our next stop was The Art Cafe. 

Arielle, Allie, Stacia, Krista, Benny

Our mission - create beautiful glass suncatchers. This involved choosing glass, cutting glass, creativity and patience. The sun light made it hard to catch photos but here are a few I snatched before settling in to my own creation. 

Benny took safety very seriously. I had thought he'd paint the little box in front of him, but it turns out he was more interested in helping mama with her creation. 

 Danny alternated between his carrier and being worn by Arielle. 

"I feel like there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." Vincent vanGogh

I was happy to do this  before this gal goes Active Duty. She's been busy all week making sure she touches base with people before she moves, tying up loose ends...she's made a difference here....and I know she will make a difference at each assignment in the upcoming years.....but...we're going to miss her.  She created a mountain scene on her catcher...Stacia made a flower and the rest of us opted for more abstract expressions. We'll pick them up next week and see what we got. LOL 

A fun bonus - Kayle came in to work on a project....such fun to catch up with her before her upcoming wedding and move. 

It was a practically perfect day. Bre was unable to join us...

Michael, Alex and Nolan grabbed lunch and discussed a chapter in Daniel.  Michael and Alex then zipped over to BreZaak's for some quality time with Bre and the kids....and Lady, their German Shepherd.